1. Quality and Motivated People

Naval Aviation will comprise the nation's most talented and highly trained personnel. It will be motivated by strong leadership espousing the core values of the Department of the Navy honor, courage and commitment. Naval Aviation is dedicated to recruiting the best educated and most qualified young men and women to fill the enlisted and officer ranks. Naval Aviation personnel will be technically trained and fully capable of operating and maintaining the most sophisticated aviation weapons and support systems. Naval Aviation will maintain high retention rates through improved quality of life programs, including educational opportunities, monetary compensation, advancement, and leadership positions.

GOAL 1-1: Recruiting

Recruit officers and enlisted personnel who meet high academic, physical, and character standards. These personnel will have specific aviation rating and warfare specialty designations requiring subsequent professional training and performance.

GOAL 1-2: Training

Ensure that training remains a top priority. Training will be properly resourced to maximize educational technology. "Total system" training for maintenance personnel and aircrews will be an integral part of weapon system acquisition and introduction and subsequent improvements.

GOAL 1-3: Leadership

Instill within the leadership corps those qualities that inspire loyalty, trust, and dedication. These qualities will become institutionalized, emphasized in training, and practiced at all levels within the chain of command.

GOAL 1-4: Career Development and Retention

Provide challenging and rewarding careers and retain qualified personnel. Naval Aviation will give people leadership challenges, advanced educational opportunities, and competitive monetary and benefits compensation.