The United States Navy


Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy (SCN) construction of new ships plus certain modification and overhaul of existing ships, including nuclear refueling and service life extension programs
Aircraft Procurement, Navy (APN) procurement of new aircraft, modifications to existing aircraft, and spare parts
Weapons Procurement, Navy (WPN) procurement of strategic and tactical missiles, satellites, torpedoes, guns, and other weapons; ammunition and other ordnance; spare parts; and support equipment
Other Procurement, Navy (OPN) procurement of ship and aviation support equipment, communication and electronic equipment, ordnance support equipment, civil engineer support equipment, supply and personnel/command support equipment, and spare and repair parts
Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) research, development, and evaluation in the areas of basic research and technology development, advanced technology development, strategic and tactical programs, intelligence and communication programs, and overhead and support costs of the Navy's RDT&E effort
National Defense Sealift Fund (NDSF) RDT&E, purchase, construction, conversion, and lease of sealift ships
Military Personnel, Navy (MPN)/Marine Corps (MPMC) allowances, individual clothing, interest on deposits, pay, permanent change of station travel, and expenses of temporary duty travel between permanent duty stations
Reserve Personnel, Navy (RPN)/Marine Corps (RPMC) pay, allowances, clothing, subsistence, gratuities, travel, and related expenses for personnel of the Marine Corps and Naval Reserve on active duty or while undergoing Reserve training or while performing drills or equivalent duty
Operation and Maintenance, Navy (O&MN)/Marine Corps (O&MMC) expenses necessary for support of the Fleet, civilian employee pay, travel and transportation, training, consumable supplies, recruiting and advertising, base operations, and base communications and subsistence
Operations and Maintenance, Naval Reserve (O&MNR)/Marine Corps Reserve (O&MMCR) expenses necessary for the operation and maintenance of Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Force aircraft, ships, and operation of other units including Mobile Inshore Undersea forces, Reserve Naval Construction Force, and Cargo Handling Battalions; aircraft flying hours, underway steaming hours, regular ship overhauls, ship maintenance and modernization, and aircraft depot level maintenance in addition to base operations and administrative support
Procurement, Marine Corps (PMC) expenses necessary for procurement and manufacture of ammunition, weapons and tracked combat vehicles, guided missiles and equipment, communication and electronics, support vehicles, engineer and other equipment, and spare and repair parts

The following Navy appropriations include functional areas for which the Marine Corps programs and budgets its own share. The complete TOA for the Marine Corps includes both the Marine-unique appropriations above, as well resources from the following appropriations:
Military Construction, Navy (MCN) acquisition, construction and installation of permanent public works, naval installations, and facilities for the Navy and the Marine Corps
Family Housing, Navy & Marine Corps (FHN&MC) construction, maintenance, repair, and design of Navy and Marine Corps housing and ancillary facilities required at bases and stations
Military Construction, Navy Reserve (MCNR) construction, acquisition, expansion, rehabilitation, and conversion of facilities for the training and administration of the reserve components of the Navy and Marine Corps

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