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Taiwan Air Force
Organization and Equipment

The Taiwan Air Force is organized in a Wing / Group / Squadron structure patterned on that of the United States Air Force. Evidently, the transition to the newer generation of aircraft is resulting in a reduction in the nominal squadron strength from 24 to 20 aircraft. When the current unit equipment transition is completed in 2000, each Wing will operate a single type of aircraft, with one Mirage 2000 wing, two IDF wings, two F-16 wings, and two wings retaining the older F-5. Inventory listings do not reflect aircraft losses, which to date have include four F-16s and two Mirage 2000 aircraft.
1st (443rd) TFWTainan AB
1st FG
1st TFS 20
3rd TFS 20
9th TFS 20
2nd (499th) TFWHsinchu AB
11th FG
41st TFS 20
42nd TFS 20
48th TFS 20
3rd (427th) TFWChing Chuan Kang AB
3rd FG
7th TFS 20
8th TFS20
28th TFS 20
Test & Evaluation Sq 10
4th (455th) TFWChiayi AB
4th FG
14th TFS 20
21st TFS 20
22nd TFS 20
23rd TFS20
5th (401st) TFWHualien AB
5th FG
17th TFS 20
26th TFS 20
27th TFS 20
7th (737th) TFWTaitung AB
7th FG
45th TFS 24
45th TFS 24
46th TFS Aggressor 24
Taoyuan Command Taoyuan AB
8th FG
4th TRS 24
15th TFS24
16th TFS 24

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