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The FOXBAT A aircraft, originally designed to counter high-altitude threats, has been deployed in a high-altitude reconnaissance variant. This MiG-25RB variant can be fitted with reconnaissance/elint packs or airborne side-looking radar. In October of 1971 two MiG-25s made reconnaissance flights over Sinai and Israel. On both occasions Israeli F-4E Phantoms failed in attempted intercepts.


Country of Origin. CIS (formerly USSR).
Similar Aircraft. F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, MiG-31 Foxhound.
Crew. One.
Role. Intercepter, reconnaissance.
Armament. Air-to-air missiles.
Dimensions. Length: 70 ft (21.34 m). Span: 41 ft (12.6 m).
Wings. High-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with square tips.
Engine(s). Two turbojets. Large rectangular air intakes below the canopy and forward of the wing roots. Dual exhaust.
Fuselage. Long and slender with solid, pointed nose. Box-like from the air intakes to rear section. Bubble canopy.
Tail. Twin, sweptback, and tapered fins with angular tips. Flats mid- to low-mounted on fuselage, swept-back, and tapered with angular tips.
Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, CIS, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine.

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