12 December 2003

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Генерал-полковник СОЛОВЦОВ Николай Евгеньевич

(Col-Gen SOLOVTSOV, Nikolay Yevgen'yevich)


Commander in Chief, RVSN (Strategic Missile Troops)


Nikolay Yevgen'yevich Solovtsov:  born on January 1, 1949 in the city of Zaysan, East-Kazakhstan region. 


  • 1971 Completed Rostov VKIU [Military Engineering Command School] in the "Automated Command and Control Systems" specialty, 
  • 1977 the Military Academy imeni F. E. Dzerzhinskiy 
  • 1991 General Staff Academy. 


  • The first facilities of the Topol missile complex were placed in operation and began performing alert duty under his immediate leadership. 
  • 1977, was appointed chief of staff - deputy commander of a missile regiment. Then held the posts of missile regiment commander, division commander, first deputy commander and  Commander of a missile army.
  • From November 1992 through June 1994 he commanded the Chita Missile Army 
  • 1994 appointed First Deputy CINC RVSN . 
  • 1977- Commandant of the RVSN Military Academy.   Doctor of military sciences and professor.
  •  By the decree of the Russian president of April 26, 2001, was appointed commander of Strategic Missile Forces. 

(Vooruzheniye. Politika. Konversiya No 1, 2001 pp 29-34), (Voyeninform Military News Agency, 1 Sep 01).

"Николай Соловцов родился 1 января 1949 года. Окончил Ростовское высшее командно- инженерное училище, военные академии имени Ф.Э. Дзержинского и Генерального штаба. Проходил службу в ракетных частях на различных должностях. Командовал ракетным полком, дивизией, армией, был первым заместителем главнокомандующего Ракетными войсками стратегического назначения. С 1997 года - начальник Военной академии РВСН имени Петра Великого. Доктор военных наук, профессор."
(Красная Звезда; 4 May 01).

[Press Commentary]
"Colonel General Nikolay Solovtsov.  On the one hand he is a missileman through and through, no less of a Strategic Missile Troops patriot than Yakovlev.  On the other hand, he is by no means a devout Yakovlev  supporter.  Whichever way you look at it, at one time
it was the career takeoff of Yakovlev (Igor Sergeyev's brother-in-law) which "landed" Solovtsov, first deputy commander in chief of Strategic Missile Troops, with the honored but unimportant post of head of the Peter the Great Strategic Missile Troops Military Academy.  Who could have guessed that the time would come when even heads of military academies would be called upon?  Solovtsov will certainly not continue Yakovlev's struggles.  He has gone to the Strategic Missile Troops to implement the plan to reduce this branch of service to the level of a combat arm.  The fate of the Strategic Missile Troops is sealed. 
(, 30 Apr 01).