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    (Vice-Admiral FEDOROV Viktor)
    Commander, Pacific Fleet

    Born after the war into an officer's family in Manchuria (China).  He did not Follow in his father's footsteps but went on a sea voyage in the Far East.  When
    that was over, however, he was drafted for three years into the fleet.



    "Vice-Admiral Viktor Fedorov has the reputation of being a tough leader and a Bold subordinate.  At a conference in Vladivostok, for example, he told Vice Premier Ilya Klebanov that the Fleet is suffering from a dire fuel shortage and its ships are rusting at their moorings.  "Now when the ships are simply being stood down from the effective strength, naval service has become a test of professional loyalty.  But what kind of loyalty can there be when many officers have not even been to sea in any serious sense?  They simply have no notion of how interesting service in the Fleet is or of how romantic the profession truly is," Vice Admiral Fedorov stated in an interview shortly before his appointment" (Kommersant 06 Dec 01 P 3).