Revised: 12 December 2003

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Signals Troops

Chief of Signal Communications --- Deputy Chief of the General Staff --- ZALOGIN, Yuriy Mikhaylovich, Col-Gen  (Krasnaya Zvezda 6 May 97 p 1) Noted as Col-Gen (Oriyentir No 4 1999 pp 20-23). (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 19 Oct 01 ).

  • [Previous Chief was GICHKIN, Gennadiy, Col-Gen  (Krasnaya Zvezda 2 Apr 93 p 1). (Armeyskiy Sbornik, Jan 96 No 1, (Signed  to press 27 Dec 95) pp 9-12).  BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, GICHKIN: born 18 Jan 1942 in Ul'yanovsk. Ul'yanovsk Military School of Communications (1962).  Platoon commander. Military Communications Academy (1971).  Deputy commander of a technical battalion.  Rose to Chief of Communications Troops of Moscow MD. General Staff Academy (1984).  Chief of Communications Transbaykal MD.  1986-88 Head of Communications Troops of the Main Command of Far Eastern Forces.  1988-1992 successively: Chairman of the Scientific- Technical Committee of USSR Communications Troops; Deputy Chief of Communications for Special Questions; Chief of Communications of the CIS Combined Armed Forces. (Moscow VOYENIFORM MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN No 10 (34), Oct 94 p 9). Represented Russia at the Belarusian-Russian talks on strategic forces. (RIA 2111 GMT 2 Apr 93).]

First Deputy Chief --- IVANOV, Aleksandr Anatol’yevich, Col-Gen, (Armeyskiy Sbornik No 11, Nov 96 pp 6-8).

  • [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, IVANOV:  born in Moscow on 15 May 1940. Moscow Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications (1962).  Military Signal Academy.  General Staff Academy. Successively held various engineer and staff positions with the troops and on staffs, was Deputy and Chief of Signal Troops of an army, and served on the Staff of Joint Armed Forces of Warsaw Pact Member States. In 1988 became Deputy and in 1992 First Deputy Chief of Communications of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Order "For Service to the Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces" 3rd Class and many medals.  (Armeyskiy Sbornik No 11, Nov 96 pp 6-8).]

Courier and Postal Services

Chief --- DURNEV, Vladimir, Major-General (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye in Russian 27 Jun 03).

[Durnev was born on May 9, 1949 in the town of Ostrog, Rovensk Oblast. He is a graduate of the Ulyanovsk Military Academy of Communications (1970), and the Soviet Union's War College of Communications (1979). He has served various assignments from signals platoon leader to chief of communications at the Transbaykal Military District [ZabVO], and then at the military headquarters of the Far East. In 1987-1990 he served in the General Staff. Since 1990 he has been the Chief of Courier and Postal Services Directorate of the RF Armed Forces. In his current capacity, he has repeatedly been part of the battle array of the operational forces in Dagestan and Chechnya. He has been decorated with the Red Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and Combat Service Medal. He holds the rank of Major General. He is married, with one daughter" (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye in Russian 27 Jun 03).]

Educational Institutions

Military Signals Academy  [Signal Communications (Directorate)]

  • (Krasnaya Zvezda 21 Nov 90 1st ed p 4.) (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Jan 91 First Edition p 2.)

Novocherkassk Higher Military Command School of Signal Communications   [Signal Communications (Directorate)]

  • Address: 346418, Novocherkassk, Rostov  Oblast, Ul. Atamanskaya, 36, Tel. 2-72-27 (Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Feb 95 p 6).

Orlov Institute For State Signals Troops  [Signal Communications (Directorate)]

  • [Previously ORLOV HIGHER MILITARY COMMAND SCHOOL OF SIGNAL COMMUNICATIONS i M.I. KALININ.  5-year program (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Apr 92 1st ed p 4).]

Poltava Higher Military Command Signal Communications Institute imeni K.S. Moskalenko   [Signal Communications (Directorate)]

Tomsk Higher Military Command School of Communications   [Signal Communications (Directorate)]

  • Address: Tomsk-29, Prospekt Frunze, 9.  Tel: 90-52-03. (Krasnaya Zvezda 8 Jul 93 p 4). (Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Feb 95 p 6).

Electronics Cadet Corps (Military Preparatory School)

·        (Krasnaya Zvezda, 6 Dec 03 (RF Defense Minister Order No 337 of 22 September 2003, Moscow)).