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  •  Генерал-Лейтенант ПАНКОВ Николай

    (Lieutenant-General PANKOV, Nikolay)

    (Chief of Main Directorate for Cadres of the RF Ministry of Defense)

  • Родился   в   1953   году. 
  • Образование


    • "Он   кадровый  контрразведчик:  служил  на  различных  должностях в КГБ СССР, 
    • в  ФСБ  РФ, 
    • в Федеральной пограничной службе. 
    • В 1998 году по   предложению   бывшего   директора   ФПС   Николая  Бордюжи, назначенного  тогда секретарем Совета безопасности, получил пост руководителя   аппарата  СБ. 
    • После  назначения  Сергея  Иванова министром  обороны  возглавил  аппарат  Министерства обороны РФ. Одновременно  стал  помощником  министра  обороны. 
    (Profil, 23 July 2001).
    • Born on December 2, 1954 in the village of Maryino, Kostroma Region


    • 1980 KGB Higher School
    • 1989 graduated from the daytime post-graduate course of the school and defended his candidate's thesis, after which he taught and did research. 
    • M.A. in law and is assistant professor.
    • Career:

    • 1974-76, served as a conscript in a border station of the North-Western Border District.
    • 1980, instructor KGB Higher School
    • 1994 became Learned Secretary of the Academy of the Ministry of Security (in 1995 renamed the Academy of the Federal Security Service of Russia).
    • 1997-98 headed the Administrative Department of the Federal Border Service 
    • 1998-2001 Head of the Russian Security Council Administration.
    • Apr 2001 After Security Council Secretary Sergey Ivanov became Defence Minister, appointed Chief of the Ministry's Administrative Directorate and Ivanov's aide. 
    • Appointed Head of the Main Cadres Directorate of the RF Defence Ministry by presidential decree of July 12, 2001.
    (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Jul 01; Voyeninform Military News Agency, 1 Aug 01).