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  • Yevgeniy Alekseyevich MUROV, Lieutenant-General

    Head, Federal Protection Service
    Born in 1945 in Zvenigorod, Moscow oblast. 

    Higher technical and higher specialized education. 

    Working in state security since 1971.

    • In 1974-1992 he worked in the state security organs and was assigned to Southeast Asia  for three and one-half years. 
    • In 1992-1997 he headed a number of rayon components of the Russian  Federation FSB [Federal Security Service] in St. Petersburg.
    • In 1997 he became deputy chief of the Russian FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. 
    • At the Russian Federation FSB central apparatus he was first deputy chief of the Economic Counterintelligence Department.
    • On 18 May 2000 he became head of the Russian Federation Federal Protection Service. 
    He is a Lieutenant-General and has received state awards.

    Married, with a grown-up son.
    (Komsomolskaya Pravda 21 Jun 01 p 14).