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  •  Lieutenant-General Alexander MOROZOV

    Chief-of-Staff, First Deputy Commander, Ground Troops

    Born in October 21, 1947,  in the settlement of Tamala, Penza Region.


    • Ulyanovsk Higher Guards Tank Command School in 1968;
    • Military Armored Troops Academy in 1979;
    • General Staff Academy in 1990.


    • 1968 - served as commander of a tank platoon in the Transcaucasian Military District, commander of a tank platoon and company in the Central Group of Forces, and deputy chief of the regimental staff and commander of a tank battalion in the North Caucasian Military District.
    • 1979 - held the posts of chief of staff - deputy commander of a tank regiment, regiment commander, deputy commander of a tank division in the Belarusian Military District, deputy commander and then commander of a tank division in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.
    • 1990 appointed chief of staff - first deputy army commander in the Far Eastern Military District. 
    • Commander of the 5th Combined-Arms Army in the Far East in 1994 to 1997.
    • 1997-1998 appointed Chief of Staff and First Deputy Commander of the Siberia Military District. 
    • December 1, 1998 After merger of the Siberia and Trans-Baikal military districts appointed Commander of the 41st Combined-Arms Army headquarted in Novosibirsk in the Siberian Military District.
    • Appointed Chief of the Main Staff of the Land Force - First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Land Force by presidential decree of June 13, 2001.
    (Voyeninform Military News Agency 1 Jul 01).