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  • Генерал-лейтенант МОЛЬТEНСКОЙ Владимир

    (Lieutenant-General Vladimir Moltenskoy)
    Deputy CINC, Ground Troops



    • Born 21 July 1950 in Bryansk Oblast. 


    •  He graduated from the Tashkent Higher Tank Command School in 1971,
    • from the Armored Troops Academy in 1982,
    • and from the General Staff Academy in 1996.  


    • Served in the Central Group of Forces and the Carpathian Military District, and progressed from platoon commander to battalion commander.  
    • From 1982 his service took him to the Far East as chief of staff and commander of a tank regiment; as chief of staff and deputy commander of a tank division; and then as chief of a specialists' training center.  
    • In June 1993 he was appointed commander of the Western Group of Forces Uralsk-Lvov 10th Guards Tank Division (the division had previously been commanded by Gennadiy Troshev).  In 1994 the division was withdrawn to Boguchar.  
    • From 1996 he was chief of staff and first deputy commander of the 69th Army Corps (Krasnodar).  
    • On 2 March 2000 he was appointed commander of the 67th Army Corps.  
    • And on 27 February 2001 he was appointed deputy commander of the North Caucasus Military District in charge of emergencies.  
    • On 5 October 2001 he was appointed commander of the Joint Troop Grouping (OGV) in the North Caucasus.
        "General Moltenskoy had taken charge of the grouping of Federal Forces in Chechnya for the first time in May of last year (at that time his rank was still that of Lieutenant General ).  At first it was as acting commander that he stood in for Colonel General Valeriy Baranov who was on leave.  But when General Baranov returned from his vacation in September gunmen downed over Minutka Square in Groznyy a helicopter that was carrying a General Staff commission (it happened on 17 September), and two generals and eight colonels were killed along with the three-man crew.  And although no one blamed General Baranov for this at official level, he was relieved of his post as commander of the grouping in early October and returned to the Military District's headquarters in his former capacity as deputy commander of the District.  And Vladimir Moltenskoy became full commander of the grouping. 

       Answering a question about the reasons for transferring General Moltenskoy to Moscow, Sergey Ivanov told Kommersant that "this is a planned appointment and promotion," and he called on people not to look for any kind of mystery behind this.  Indeed, the post of deputy commander in chief of Ground Forces fell vacant two weeks ago:  Lieutenant General Vladimir Popov, who had held that post, was appointed chief of the Combined Arms Academy" (Kommersant, 26 Sep 02).