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  • Colonel-General MIKHAILOV, Vladimir Sergeyevich

    генерал-полковник МИХАЙЛОВ Владимир Сергеевич

    CINC, Air Force
    Born on October 6, 1943, to a peasant family in the village Kudinovo in the Noginskiy region of the Moscow Oblast. 


    • 1966: Yeysk Higher Military-Aviation Pilots School (with a gold medal)
    • 1975: Gagarin Military-Aviation Academy (correspondence)
    • 1991: General Staff Academy. 


    • Worked up to Air Army Commander. 
    • Commander 4th Air/Air Defense Army (Rostov-na-donu) 
    • Since 1998 he has served as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the VVS.
    • Has mastered more than 20 types of aircraft and has more than 6 thousand flight hours.
    • 1996: Hero of Russia -- "In June 1996 he received the Hero of Russia title for his skillful leadership of the operation to neutralize a group of Chechen terrorists who attempted to hijack a Mi-8 helicopter to Chechnya.  According to Kommersant's information, Gen Mikhaylov's candidacy was actively supported by Colonel General Aleksey Moskovskiy, deputy defense minister and chief of armament in the Russian Federation Armed Forces.  His opinion may have been decisive:  President Putin and Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov, who know Aleksey Moskovskiy well through joint work on the Security Council apparatus, always heed this general's opinion" (Kommersant, 23 Jan 02 P 3).
    • distinguished military pilot. 
    (Kommersant, 23 Jan 02 P 3).

    ["Mikhailov took part in the elimination of Chechen separatist
    leader Dzhokhar Dudayev, competent sources in Moscow told Interfax-Military News Agency on Wednesday. Mikhailov received the
    gold star of the Hero of Russia on June 13, 1996, for involvement in the operation, the sources said. "During the first Chechnya
    campaign, Mikhailov was in command of the aviation involved in the anti-terrorist operation and accomplished over 40 combat
    missions himself" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 23 Jan 02).