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under the Russian Federation President


Chairman --- GRIGOROV, Sergey Ivanovich; Telephone:   924-68-08 (RIA Novosti, 27 Jun 02).

  • Previously named the "State Technical Commission."  Renamed the "Main Technical Commission" by Presidential Edict No. 867 of 17 May 2000 (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 20 May 00).
  • [Subordinate to RF PRESIDENT]
  • "A special government agency, responsible for protection from technical means of foreign intelligence collection. . . ."  (Versiya, 24 April, 2001).
  • [YASHIN:  "The State Technical Commission under the Russian Federation President is not an intelligence service in the customarily accepted sense of the word. It was created by Russian Presidential Edict No. 9, dated January 5, 1992, as a permanently operating organ of state rule and is responsible for guaranteeing the protection of information that is an official and state secret, for preventing its loss through technical channels, and for counteracting foreign technical intelligence services on Russian Federation territory.

     But the main thing that characterizes the Russian State Technical Commission is the fact that it is a collegial organ which is made up of ministers, chairmen of state committees, and first deputies (deputies) of these leaders. There are a total of 23 people" (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, No 3, 25-31 Jan 97 p 1).]

  • [Previous Chairman was --- YASHIN, Yuriy Alekseyevich, Gen Army Appointed 1992, (Krasnaya Zvezda 12 Aug 95 p 4).  (Moscow Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye in Russian No 3, 25-31 Jan 97 p 1).  BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, YASHIN: born on February 12, 1930 in Leningrad.  Artillery school cadet in 1947 and later commander of a gun platoon. Assigned to Kapustin Yar Range in 1950.  "completed the  command and engineering faculty of the Dzerzhinskiy Military Academy (with a gold medal) by correspondence, and the General  Staff Academy. Commanded a test unit, a formation, a range, and a combined missile formation. A specialist in the field of  rocket building and information science. In 1981 was First Deputy Commander of the Strategic Missile Troops. USSR Deputy Minister of Defense in 1989.  Appointed chairman of the State Technical Commission under the Russian Federation President in 1992.  Doctor of technical sciences, professor, USSR State Prize laureate, and  author of over 50 scientific works. Vice President of  the Russian Engineering Academy.  At a general  meeting of the Russian Engineering Academy in May  1994 elected head of the newly established military-technical  direction." Member of the Academy of Cosmonauts imeni Tsiolkovskiy, and the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences. (Moscow VOORUZHENIYE, POLITIKA,  KONVERSIYA in Russian No 2 (5), 1994 (signed to press  27 Oct 94) pp 4-7). (Moscow Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye in Russian No 3, 25-31 Jan 97 p 1).]

First Deputy Chair --- BELYAYEV, Yevgeniy Anatolyevich , Col-Gen ,  (RIA MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN Vol. VII, No. 10 (82) October, 1998). (, (downloaded) 29 Jan 01).

  •  [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, BELYAYEV:  “born on 3 June 1938 in the town of Novomoskovsk, Tula Region, graduated from the Kiev Higher School of Radio Engineering of the Air Defense Force in 1959. He served at the Balkhash testing range, in the missile defense group of the Moscow Air Defense District, in the research-technical committee of the General Staff, worked for the Head of Armaments, the General Staff, and the State Technical Commission under the Russian President. On September 4, 1992 he was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the State Technical Commission under the President of the Russian Federation. He holds the title of Merited Military Specialist of the Russian Federation.(RIA MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN Vol. VII, No. 10 (82) October, 1998).]

Deputy Chair --- KALANDIN, Arnol'd Petrovich(, (downloaded) 29 Jan 01).

Deputy Chair --- SUKHANOV, Vladimir Ivanovich (, (downloaded) 29 Jan 01).

Deputy Chair --- SOKOLOV, Vladimir Ilich (, (downloaded) 29 Jan 01).

Main Scientific-Technical Directorate

  • (, (downloaded) 29 Jan 01).