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Editor's Notes

Chemical, Radiation and Biological Protection (РХБ) Troops

Chief --- FILIPPOV, Vladimir, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda,  13 Nov 03).

  • Previous Chief was KHOLSTOV, Viktor I., Lt-Gen (Voyeninform Military News Agency 8 Nov 00). Promoted to Col-Gen (Profil, 17 Dec 01). Transfered to Rosboyepripasy (ITAR-TASS, 23 Apr 03).
  • ["На сегодняшний день на территории России действуют минимум три мощных  специализированных военно-биологических института: в Екатеринбурге, Вятке (бывший Киров) и Сергиевом Посаде" (Versiya 23 Oct 01).  It is unclear to which agency(ies) these institutes are subordinate.]
  • [" In 1992 Boris Yeltsin completely abolished the Defense Ministry 15th Directorate responsible for the development and testing of biological compounds that were weapons prototypes.  The Defense Ministry Biological Protection Directorate, which is now part of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry Chemical and Biological Defense Troops Structure, confirmed information that in the past they were indeed involved in research with 37 types of deadly pathogens.  At the same time, the directorate officer stressed, we have never created the actual prototypes for biological munitions" (Strana.ru National Information Service 10 Sep 01).]
  • [Previously referred to as "Chemical Troops".  (22 Jan 93 in VOYENNYY VESTNIK 2/93 p 8).]
  • [The Chemical  Troops  were directly  subordinate to the General Staff.  However, Minister of Defense Sergey Ivanov, ordered them resubordinated directly to Deputy Minister of Defense and CINC, Ground Troops, Col-Gen Nikolay Kormiltsev, "until the Main Command of the Russian Ground Troops is set up, which must be done by 1 December 2001."  (Interfax, 5 May 01).]
  • [Previous Chief --- PETROV, Stanislav Veniaminovich, Col-Gen, (id Krasnaya Zvezda 15 Feb 89 1st ed p 1.)  Noted as a Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 5 Apr 89 1st ed p 3.)  Noted as a Col-Gen (Pravda 2 Aug 90 2nd Ed p 5). (ITAR-TASS 1902 GMT 27 Nov 98).  Retired (Interfax, 31 Jul 00).  BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, PETROV: born 3 April 1939 in the city of Gorkiy. Saratov Chemical school (1959). Served as a Platoon and Company Commander in a chemical protection company, Voronezh MD. Deputy Chief of Staff and Company Commander of a special chemical protection company, Belorussian MD. Chemical Defense Academy (1971). Deputy Chief and Chief of Chemical Service of a tank division. Deputy Chief of Chemical Troops, Belorussian MD. General Staff  Academy (1980). Chief of the Chemical Troops of Siberian MD, Belorussian MD and the GSFG. In 1986 was First Deputy and three years later Chief of the Chemical Troops of the Armed  Forces. March 1990 became a member of the Military Council of the Ground Troops.  Participated in the clean-up operations after  the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. August 1992 appointed Chief of Chemical Troops. (31 Jan 92 in VOYENNYY VESTNIK  1/92 pp 12-16). (VOYENINFORM MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN No 10, Oct 1993, p. 1-5.)]

First Deputy Chief ---

  • [Previous First Deputy was KHOLSTOV, Viktor A., Lt-Gen.  Noted as a Lt-Gen (Polit.ru, 7 Aug 00).]
  • [KHOLSTOV was Deputy Chief with rank of Maj-Gen, (ITAR-TASS 1130 GMT 18 Oct 95). (Krasnaya Zvezda 23 Jan 97 p 1).]

First Deputy Chief --- LEONOV, Yuriy, Lt-Gen, (Armeyskiy Sbornik Nov 98 p 8).

  •  [LEONOV:  Born 15 Nov 1948 in city of Balashov, Saratov Oblast.  Saratov Military-chemical School (1970).  Platoon Commander, Deputy Company Commander, Company Commander.  Higher Military Academy of Chemical Protection (1980),  Served as a senior officer in the Directorate of the Chief of the Chemical Troops of a District, Deputy Chief and Chief of Chemical Troops of an army, and Deputy District chief of Chemical Troops,  General Staff Academy (1991).  Appointed Deputy chief of Staff of the Directorate of the Chief RKhB Troops, and since 1994 Chief of Staff and First Deputy Chief of the RKhB Troops of the RF MoD. (Armeyskiy Sbornik Nov 98 p 8).]

Deputy Chief --- YEVSTIGNEYEV, Valentin Ivanovich, Lt-Gen, (Novyye Izvestiya 3 Mar 98 p 4 ).

  • [YEVSTIGNEYEV: is a candidate of medical sciences.  Was head of the Defense Ministry's 15th Directorate (biological defense) until 1992 when all the laboratories, blocks, and apparatus-technological lines that had aroused the world community's suspicions were destroyed under his personal direction.  (Moscow Novyye Izvestiya in Russian 3 Mar 98 p 4).

Deputy Chief --- TARASEVICH, Yuriy, Lt-Gen, Noted as a Maj-Gen, (ITAR-TASS 1357 GMT 24 Mar 94). Noted as a Lt-Gen, (Izvestiya 27 Sep 94 pp 1,5).

STAFF [Chemical Troops]

Chief of Staff --- KURDENKOV, Vladimir A., Maj-Gen, Appointed Apr 1994, (Moscow VOYENIFORM MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN No 9 (33), Sep 94 p 5).

  •  [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, KURDENKOV: born 2 Feb 1946 in Kherson. Vinnitsa Construction School (1965).  Entered service in Odessa MD in 1966 as a private.  Kamyshin Military Construction Technical School (1967).  Appointed Deputy company commander of a construction team in Odessa MD.  Leningrad Higher Military Engineering Technical School (1974).  Various posts in construction in Transbaykal MD.  Chief of Construction Directorate of Siberian MD Feb 1992.  District Deputy Commander of Siberian MD for Construction and Billeting of Troops July 1992.  (Moscow VOYENIFORM MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN No 9 (33), Sep 94 p 5).]


  • ["There are seven arsenals of chemical weapons in six Russian regions, these being the Kirov, Penza, Kurgan, Saratov and Bryansk regions and the Udmurtian autonomous republic" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 4 Nov 02).]

Biological Protection Directorate

  • (Strana.ru National Information Service 10 Sep 01).

[Former Chief was YEVSTIGNEYEV, Valentin, Lt-Gen (res)  (Obshchaya Gazeta, 25 Oct 01). ]

Mикробиологический НИИ Минобороны (г. Киров)

  • Subordination of the research institute, concerned with biological warfare, has not been noted. (Obshchaya Gazeta, 25 Oct 01).  [Listing as subordinate to the Biological Protection Directorate is notional.]

"Микроб" противочумного института

Subordination of the research institutes, concerned with biological warfare, has not been noted. (Obshchaya Gazeta, 25 Oct 01).  [Listing as subordinate to the Biological Protection Directorate is notional.]

Virus Studies, Center for [?]

      • Near Sergiyev Posad.  (NTV, 20 Mar 99).  [Listing as subordinate to the Biological Protection Directorate is notional.]

 Chief --- MAKHLAY, Aleksandr  (NTV, 20 Mar 99).

Central Scientific-Research and Testing Institute of Chemical Warfare

  • (TsNIIIKhV MO)  (Moscow MEGAPOLIS-EXPRESS in Russian No 5, 3 Feb 93 p 13). (Chemical Warfare). (Krasnaya Zvezda 1 Jul 93 p 2).

Chief --- DANIL'KIN, Valeriy Ivanovich, Maj-Gen, Appointed 1990  (Krasnaya Zvezda 1 Jul 93 p 2).


·        (Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 Sep 03).

Shikhany-1 (Vol'sk-17) [TsNIIKhV MO]

  • [Also refereed to as the State Institute for Organic Synthesis Technology, a scientific/production association.  Includes "a small experimental plant" (Krasnaya Zvezda 1 Jul 93 p 2).]

Shikhany-2 (Vol'sk-18) Test Site

  • [(Moscow MEGAPOLIS-EXPRESS in Russian No 5, 3 Feb 93 p 13). Includes the military Institute and the test-range. Fields of specialization include protection  against nuclear, chemical, and bacteriological  weapons, developing flame-thrower and incendiary devices and aerosol camouflage (PGM countermeasures), and destroying chemical weapons.   (Krasnaya Zvezda 1 Jul 93 p 2).]

UI Mobile Chemical Regiment [Commander, Chemical Troops]

  • [Located next to Shikhany-2 (Krasnaya Zvezda 1 Jul 93 p 2).]

Transylvanian Red Banner Order of Aleksandr Nevskiy Training Center

  • (Near Moscow)  (VOYENNYY VESTNIK  in Russian No 6, Jun 1993 p 29).

Ustyurt Chemical Test Range (Mukus Garrison)

 Commander --- TKACHEV, A., Col (Trud 15 Apr 92 p 4).

3rd Separate WMD Protection Brigade [Moscow Military District]

Commander --- KUDRICHEV, Aleksandr, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Feb 02).

  • ["An experimental command post exercise (CPX) was launched in the Ivanovo region in central European Russia on Monday by the 3rd separate WMD protection brigade under command of Colonel Alexander Kudrichev. The exercise will be in progress for five days in the vicinity of the town of Kineshma, said Major General Vasily Kabanov, head of the WMD protection troops in the Moscow military district." (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Feb 02).]