On Measures to Fight Terrorism
Presidential Decree
07 March 1996


Russian President Boris Yeltsin on 07 March 1996 issued a decree on measures to fight terrorism, which:

  • creates of an antiterrorism coordinating body.

  • instructs several ministries and other authorities to draft amendments to antiterrorism laws within the next two months.

  • tasks the Foreign Intelligence Service with uncovering the international links of "illegal armed formations" operating in Russia and cutting off their channels for obtaining funds and weapons from abroad.

  • orders a comprehensive inspection of factories manufacturing weapons, ammunition and explosives and of facilities for their storage.

  • demands that the mass media, in covering terrorist acts, observe Russian law and international legal bans on the justification of terrorism and violence and on the publication of information that may entail a threat to the lives of civilians, military and law enforcement personnel.

  • recommends that the Prosecutor General's Office tighten its supervision over the observance of Russian legislation in the media coverage of terrorist acts.

  • orders the Federal Security Service to create within the year a nationwide database on terrorist acts and their perpetrators and makes provision for fitting the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry with state of the art weapons and equipment for antiterrorism operations.

  • orders the training and retraining of mine clearers and psychologists for negotiating with terrorists.