Directive on Structure, Function of Situation Center

Presidential Directive 171
09 April 1996

1. The FAPSI [Federal Government Communications and Information Agency] is entrusted with responsibility for the functioning and development of the systems of the Russian Federation president's Situation Center (hereinafter -- the Situation Center).

The FAPSI general director is to allocate staffers to ensure the 24-hour operation of the Situation Center.

2. It is laid down that overall leadership of the Situation Center is exercised by the leader of the Russian Federation Presidential Staff.

3. The leader of the Russian Federation Presidential Staff and the FAPSI general director are to define the procedure for the functioning of the Situation Center.

4. Federal organs of executive power, organs of executive power of the Russian Federation's components, and the Russian Federation president's plenipotentiary representatives in the Russian Federation's components are to submit to the Situation Center the informational and analytical materials the Russian Federation president needs in order to make decisions on questions which the Russian Federation Constitution assigns to his competence.

[signed] B. Yeltsin,

president of the Russian Federation

[dated] 9 April 1996

No. 171