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Presidential Security Service (PSS)

The Presidential Security Service (PSS) is charged with providing security for the President, his immediate family and the Blue House, the presidential residence. The PSS is also authorized to protect former Presidents, their spouses and minor children for seven years after leaving office. PSS is also charged with protecting security for visiting heads of foreign states, their accompanying spouse and family, and other visiting dignataries when deemed necessary for national interest.

The Kyong Mu Dae Presidential Security Police (predecessor to the present Presidential Security Service) was established in 1949, and was renamed Blue House Presidential Police in 1960. In 1961 the Security Force to protect Park Chung Hee, National Revolution Leader, was established. The PSS was established in 1963 after PSS Law 157 was enacted, with Hong Jong Chul as its first Chief. After the 1968attack against the Blue House by North Korean guirillas, PSS responsibilities are increased. After the First Lady was fatally shot in a 1974 failed attempt to assassinate President Park Chung Hee by Moon Sei Kwang, acting under orders from the North Korean government, PSS was given sigificantly greater authority over presidential security operations including mobilization of military, police, etc. These measures included enactment of Security Committee for presidential protection (Executive Order 7246) and of Security Control Unit for presidential protection (Executive Order 7246).

A reduction of PSS responsibilities came after the assassination of President Park Jung Hee in 1979. This included abolishment of Security Committe for presidential protection (Executive Order 9692) and abolishment of Security Control Unit for presidential protection (Executive Order 9692). The 1981 revision of Presidential Security Law (PSL) included enactment of the Protection Law for former presidents and their families. The PSS began protecting the President-elect and his family, along with a revision of Security Committee for presidential protection. After North Korean agents commit a terrorist bombing attack in Myanmar in 1983, PSS responsibilities were broadened and intensified for the presidential entourge.

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