1999 - Year of Generalised Popular Resistance



We are the true representatives of an ancient and native people of Angola. We have our own history and through self-sacrifice we built a destiny which we wish to see shine on merit, despite the determination of our enemies to disrupt the process.

  • 1. We must remember that it was by accident that the history of Angola became associated with Portugal. Violence is the very foundation of colonialism, which has its most ignoble expression in this slavery of Africans. It should not be forgotten that Portugal owes the Black Angolans an apology and should make amends for this terrible crime against humanity. Millions were deported and killed all over the world.

    Since 1975 to the present date, the relationship between Angola and the successive Portuguese Governments have invariably been submission of Angola to a paternalistic and neo-colonialist Portugal. The MPLA and its regime being the favourite instrument for implementing this policy.

    2. By making use of the rights of all peoples to freedom, independence and cultural identity, UNITA, under the leadership of Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, has been fighting since 1966 so that the African Angolans become totally independent and free to choose the partners for harmonious relationship on the basis of mutual respect, mutual benefit and no interference.

    3. The political posture of successive Portuguese Governments towards Angola since the signing of the Bicesse Treaty to today, is a repetition of history and confirms that the Portuguese authorities persist in perpetrating the colonial system in our country.

    We wish to make it absolutely clear to everyone that the African people of Angola categorically reject this system and stand vigilant and ready to fight it vigorously, through their instrument of struggle for liberation "UNITA", using all means at its disposal.

    4. In a hopeless attempt to save the autocratic corrupt, incompetent and unpopular regime of Jose Eduardo dos Santos from collapse, due to the heavy blows inflicted by the Generalised Popular Resistance and other national social challenges, Jaime Gama turned into a star for the continuity of Portuguese colonialism in Angola, is suggesting absurd plans for joint action by the UN, OAU and SADC, just as if Angola was his country.




  • 5. The meeting of Jaime Gama with the renegades at the UNITA buildings in Luanda, which was occupied "Manus Militari" by the police of Eduardo dos Santos and handed over to the renegades, is the most recent clear manifestation that the Portuguese Government is ostensibly against UNITA.

    6. Whatever the acrobatics that the Government of Portugal may still perform on behalf of the regime of Eduardo dos Santos on political, diplomatic, military or economic fronts, it should be taken for certain that the Africans of Angola will put an end to the process of colonialism in our country by bringing down the regime of Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

  • Bailundo, 22nd February 1999

    The Standing Committee