1999 - Year of Generalised Popular Resistance



In the framework of the defensive operations against the aggression perpetrated by José Eduardo dos Santos against the people of Angola, the Generalised Popular Resistance carried out the following most relevant military actions, during the period 15th to 19th June, 1999.

1. Province of Lunda Norte:

On June 15th, our forces stormed and took the enemy installations of the 1st battalion of the 46th regiment in Chicomba, 60km northeast of Lukapa. This action resulted in the death of 22 MPLA troops and the destruction of 2 BMP-2 assault vehicles and 1 ZU-23m/m anti-aircraft cannon.

2. Province of Kivanea Sul:

On June 15th, an MPLA military truck was destroyed on the Kibala/Gabela road, 13km west of Kibala. 19 MPLA soldiers were killed during the action, amongst them are Corporals Damiao Quibras Diogo, Feliciano Bumba Isaias, Armando Carlos and Graciano Samuel.

3. Province of Zaire:

On June 18th, the following Eduardo dos Santos' forces were put out of combat:

Two tactical groups of the 66th regiment; the 3rd battalion of the 13th regiment; two companies of special commandos; and one company of anti-riot police. These forces came across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo with the intention of reoccupying the frontier village of Buela, 49km northeast of the city of Banza Congo. During the action, the aggressors left behind 34 of their men confirmed dead and ran back across the border into the DRC. The following material was destroyed:

5 military trucks for transport of troops and materials; 2 x 76m/m cannons; 2 x vehicles equipped with 23m/m anti-aircraft cannons.

4. Province of Huambo:

On June 19th, the municipality of Kaala, 21km west of the city of Huambo was liberated. During the action 37 MPLA troops of the 43rd regiment which guarded the municipality lost their lives and was put out of combat. The following war material was destroyed:



3 x T-55 tanks; 2 x 23m/m anti-aircraft cannons; 2 x D-30 cannons; 3 x 14.5m/m sub-machine guns; 9 kamaz trucks for transport of troops and materials, two arms and munition dumps containing lethal weapons. A large quantity of heavy/light weapons and munitions of various calibers were captured.

In Summary:

Eduardo dos Santos' forces suffered the following human and material casualties:

a) 112 MPLA soldiers confirmed dead

b) war material destroyed:

- 3 x T-55 tanks

- 2 x BMP-2 assault vehicles

- 5 x 23m/m anti-aircraft cannons

- 2 x D-30 cannons

- 1 x 76m/m cannon

- 3 x 14.5m/m sub-machine guns

- 15 kamaz trucks for transport of troops and war materials

- 2 arms and munitions dumps containing diverse lethal weapons

c) large quantities of war material (heavy and light weapons) and munitions of diverse calibers captured.


Bailundo, 19th June, 1999.

The Standing Committee.