1999 - Year of Generalised Popular Resistance



on the occasion of the 33rd Anniversary of the foundation of UNITA


In the African continent whose history is characterised by weaknesses of various forms, thirty-three years of constant struggle, while for most of the time entrusted with uneven means, is an unmatched achievement. It is an epic only dignified by a people endowed with leaders with great and unusual courage and determination. This is the case of the great people of Angola who have Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi as their leader and the National Union for the total independence of Angola (UNITA) as the instrument of the liberation struggle.

1. The creation of UNITA on March 13th, 1966, was the answer to the historical and objective necessity to confer a new impetus to the struggle for national liberation against the Portuguese colonial regime. Until then, such a struggle sailed adrift because of the self-indulgent attitude of FNLA and MPLA leaders who, at the time, were based abroad.

It was the initiative of young compatriots who, unsatisfied with the status quo, summoned enough courage to form a new liberation movement endowed with a great military capacity so that from inside the country they could contribute decisively to the end of Portuguese colonialism.

The situation that prevails today in Angola is characterised by intolerance, intransigence and exclusion. It is compounded by the treacherous decision taken by Jose Eduardo dos Santos on December 5th, 1998, to destroy UNITA militarily. In this context, UNITA has no other alternative but to resort to generalised popular resistance.

2. The twenty-four years of mismanagement by the MPLA regime has led the country adrift. It completely eroded the image of its leaders that no longer are able to innovate, visualize or create new ideas, because they have outlived their usefulness. UNITA appears thus, as the qualified and indispensable alternative for a real change in Angola. This change will be based on dialogue, acceptance for difference and the coming together of cultures.

We have the future of the country within reach. While the MPLA feeds on illusions and neo-colonial anachronisms, we are certain that the Generalised Popular Resistance will destroy the regime of neo-colonial interests, no matter how long it may take.


3. Faced with the current national and international dynamics, the Standing Committee of the Political Commission of UNITA, realises that all the fundamental principles of the 1966 Muangai project are unquestionably valid today. This gives extra comfort and deepens its conviction towards the continuation of the struggle until the achievement of its societal project. The Africans of Angola are the corner stone of this great enterprise. This project is articulated among other things by the following:

  • (a) the institutionalisation in Angola of a true state of law that respects fundamental liberties;

    (b) giving priority to the Angolan nationals in all spheres of activity, the state must guarantee education leading to the acquisition of professional skills that should be the criteria to appraise a citizen worthiness and the basis to establish dignity;

    (c) the establishment of a socially oriented market economy that is directed to the productive sector. Taking into account that 85% of the Angolan population is rural based, priority should be given to agriculture. The extractive sector will be the revenue source for the acquisition of capital goods and the industrial sector, which must be adapted to the Angolan reality, a complementary factor in development;

    (d) guaranteeing all citizens equal opportunities within the context of national solidarity;

    (e) defending the cultural identity which characterises the people of Angola as the basis for co-existence, national reconciliation, a scientifically and technologically advanced society in interaction and dialogue with other cultures. This way we can contribute to universal civilization;

    (f) introducing, consolidating and adopting honesty, rigor and responsibility in public services as part of the nation's value-system. Fighting corruption in all its forms and addressing the crisis of identity and confusion that characterise the MPLA regime. UNITA is ready and welcomes all patriots willing to participate in this gigantic task. Therefore, UNITA extends its hands to all those who share these concerns which affect profoundly the life of the Angolan people;

    (g) resolving the thorny and historic Angolan problem, namely, the Cabinda issue, for which UNITA has a just and definitive solution;

    (h) carrying out diplomacy aimed at co-operation and openness with all peoples of the world on the basis of mutual respect reciprocity of benefits and non-interference in internal affairs.

  • 4. We commemorate thirty-three years of existence within the context where we are, once again, called to a generalised popular resistance to legitimately defend the lives of Angolans threatened by Jose Eduardo dos Santos macabre design to physically eliminate them on this occasion. The Standing Committee of the Political Commission of UNITA, solemnly reaffirms to the world and to the beloved Angolan people, that UNITA will not give up with courage and without illusions, it will overcome the pitfalls along the way and carry out its programme for Angola's total independence on this day and at this sacred place, Bailundo, full of indelible symbols of heroism and patriotism in the struggle against all foreign invaders. We solemnly declare that any mercenary recruited by Jose Eduardo dos Santos captured on the war front will be treated as a war criminal and charged under the code of crimes against humanity of our justice code.

    The purpose of all struggles for justice is the respect for individual rights. In this specific case, we do not recognise the rights of armed individuals who kill for money. We, among other things, are guided by the principle of relying first and foremost on our own means.

    5. On the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of our Party and on behalf of all its militants inside and outside the country, the Standing Committee of the Political Commission congratulates its President, Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, for the courageous and wise manner in which he has been leading the African people of Angola. The creation of this irreplaceable instrument called UNITA, on March 13th, 1966, resulted from an exceptional far-sightedness and has become the guarantee to all those that are excluded today.

    Through fire and water, they will undoubtedly assume their responsibility in leading this land of Ekwikwi, Mutuyakevele, Njinga, Muachiava, Mandume and other forefathers, to its destiny.

    6. The UNITA leadership also congratulates, in its highest form, the courage, bravery, patriotism and the enviable journey of its armed forces from inception to the present day. Finally, the leadership pays a well-deserved homage to all militants who gave their lives in the fulfillment of the Muangai project.

    - Long live Angola

    - Long live UNITA

    - Long live the Generalised Popular Resistance

    - Motherland or death

    United around Comrade President Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, we shall win.


    Bailundo, March 11th, 1999

    The Standing Committee