1999 - Year of Generalised Popular Resistance




Counter to the well advertised José Eduardo dos Santos' "dry season operation" against the areas under UNITA's jurisdiction, the Generalised Popular Resistance carried out the following most relevant military operations during the period 19th June to 2nd July, 1999:

1. Province of Lunda Norte:

- On June 19th, an MPLA military truck for the transport of troops and war material was attacked on Luo-Saurimo road. 8 enemy soldiers of the 1st battalion of the 25th Regiment were killed.

- On June 20th, an enemy military security unit was stormed on Saurimo-Lukapa road. In the action, 18 of Eduardo dos Santos' soldiers were killed.

- On June 23rd, the enemy military security unit of Sawocha, 30 km south of Kapaia was stormed. 21 MPLA soldiers died, 6 military trucks for troops and war materials were destroyed.

2. Province of Huambo:

- On June 24th, the municipality of Kuima, 41 km south of the municipality of Caala was liberated. The enemy suffered 40 soldiers dead, amongst them the 1st Commander and the 2nd Commander Captain Salomao Abilio. All are of the 1st Tactical Group of the 43rd Regiment.

3. Province of Uige:

- On June 24th, the municipality of Ambuila, 54 km northeast of the city of Uige was liberated. The enemy suffered 26 dead soldiers.

- On June 25th, the 1st battalion of the 54th Brigade, sited 12 km north of the municipality of Bungo, was destroyed. 14 enemy soldiers lost their lives.

4. Province of Bengo:

- On June 26th, the Generalised Popular Resistance special forces destroyed 3 high voltage electricity poles thus depriving the capital city Luanda of its supply of electrical energy from the hydroelectric power station of Kambambe.

5. Province of Huila:

- On June 27th, 4 military security units of the 9th Regiment which were destroyed in the districts of Moreira, Chico and Chingongo, east and northeast of the municipality of Caconda, were destroyed. The operation resulted in the death of 19 enemy soldiers.

6. Province of Lunda Sul:

- On June 29th, the MPLA rapid intervention police station, 20 km south of the city of Saurimo was destroyed. The action resulted in the death of 7 policemen.

7. Province of Benguela:

- On June 27th, the commune of Kota, situated 39 km northeast of the city of Malange was liberated. During the action, 13 enemy soldiers were killed.

- On July 2nd, an MPLA BMP-2 assault vehicle was destroyed on Cacuso-Kapanda road. This action resulted in the death of 10 enemy soldiers.


In Summary:

The enemy suffered the following:

(a) 201 soldiers confirmed dead

(b) war material destroyed:

- 1 x BMP-2 assault vehicle

- 7 x trucks for the transport of war materials and troops

(c) 3 x high voltage poles

(d) large quantities of arms, munitions and cannons of various calibers captured.



Bailundo, 5th July, 1999.

The Standing Committee.