1999- Year of Generalised Popular Resistance



A member of the present Portuguese Government, in charge of Foreign Affairs, Jaime Gama, has once again, expressed his narrow mindedness and short vision about Angola and its genuine people.

Whenever the subject is Angola, Jaime Gama has always played the paternalistic and deep-rooted colonialist role. Furthermore, when it is about UNITA and, in particular, its President, Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, Jaime Gama acts indecently.

That said, JAIME GAMA, needs to make an enormous effort to, at least, understand the complexities of the situation in Angola and avoid simplifying his analysis of the developments in our country. He also must learn to distinguish who are the real Angolans.

As it is said in Latin, "Primus Inter Pares". It is the "Primus Inter Pares" that Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, very exceptionally and worthily personifies and represents, to the great pride of all genuine people of Angola.

Jaime Gama must have the knowledge and conscience that he is doing irreparable dis-service to Portugal, with his vile and irresponsible posture, characteristic of a fisherman in crowded waters.

Those who are proud of being Portuguese should be vigilant, as Jaime Gama is clearly acting as an agent (of the diplomatic services) on the behalf of Eduardo dos Santos palace of "Futungo de Belas".

UNITA makes it clear and definitively that it has decided not to speak to the present rulers in Portugal. When these rulers prove their maturity, equity and historic responsibility, strict respect for the Angolans and their total national independence and dignity, then UNITA will reserve the right to review or not, the stand now taken.

The Angolans hope that the present rulers of Portugal and future generations will not allow themselves to be prisoners of the present merchantile politics being followed. Instead they should endow some sense of history in order to improve the relations with the Angolans.


Bailundo, 22 January 1999

Secretariat for Information.




1999 - Year of the Generalised Popular Resistance


1. In the progress of the struggle against the pedlars of the nation, the forces of the Generalised Popular Resistance, liberated Banza Congo, the capital city of the province of Zaire, on the morning of Tuesday, 26 January 1999, after seven hours of violent combats.

2. The city of Banza Congo was garrisonned with the following units of the Government forces:

- the 40th tanks regiment

- the 66th motorised infantry regiment

- 02 special commando companies

- 01 tactical group of the 13th regiment

- Police Unit.

3. The results were as follows:

(a) confirmed human fatalities -

* 188 killed (between FAPLA and Police)

* 20 fallen prisoners

(b) materials destroyed -

* 05 T-62 tanks

* 03 T-54/55 tanks

* 11 assault vehicles type BMP-2

* 05 paqintos

* 07 personnel transport trucks

* 04 D-30 cannons

* 02 M-46 cannons

(c) captured materials -

* 03 BMP - 2

* 03 multi-rocket launchers type BM-21

* 04 long range cannons type D-30

* 06 74 m/m cannons

* 08 B-10 cannons

* 04 23 m/m cannons

* 05 14.5 m/m machine guns

* 02 120 m/m morters

* 12 82 m/m morters

* 19 60 m/m morters

* 15 personnel transport trucks for all terrains - 7 of which are of kamaz type

* various arms and munition dumps with an impressive quantity of lethal materials, containing arms, munitions and bombs of various calibers.

On UNITA side, we regret the loss of 11 brave combatants and 33 wounded.

4. Still today, the 37th regiment of the MPLA forces, travelling from the city of Malange in an attempt to recapture the municipality of Kangadala and the strategic Salazar Bridge, was destroyed.

72 FAPLA were confirmed killed, an unconfirmed number of wounded and 13 FAPLA taken prisoners, officers and privates.

Destroyed were 04 BMP-2 and 02 personnel carriers and a large quantity of diverse materials, arms of various calibers and munition.

The forces of the Generalised Popular Resistance are pursuing the remainder of the unit which dispersed in total confusion in the direction of the city of Malange.

5. We point out that there are also violent combats taking place in the diamond region of Luzamba.

6. We are the sons of this country, which saw us be born. If we resist, we follow the example of our greatest warriors and heroes: Mandume, Ekwikui, Ginga, Muachiyava, and others; to be ready to fight to defend the nation of our Kapalandande.

Our nation Free or Death

United we will win,

Long live the Generalised Popular Resistance


Bailundo, 26 January 1999

Standing Committee.