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Ministry of State Security Headquarters
Xiyuan [Western Garden]

The main headquarters of the Ministry of State Security remains at Xiyuan, situated next to the Summer Palace. Route 332 of the Beijing public bus service, which runs between the Beijing Zoo and the Summer Palace, has a stop at Xiyuan. About 500 meters to the south of this bus-stop is a road junction. To the east of this junction is the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, and to the west is the Ministry of State Security. The stop after Xiyuan is the Summer Palace.

The Ministry of State Security was formed in 1983 with the merger of the entire Central Investigation Department and the counter-intelligence department of the Ministry of Public Security. The Central Investigation Department was known as Xiyuan, or Western Garden, an organ which came directly under the CPC Central Committee.

The Xiyuan headquarters, including the living quarters for dependents in the compound of the Ministry of State Security, is closely guarded by armed police.

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