ABL Airborne Laser
ACRS Arms Control and Regional Security (Middle East)
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missile
BDA Battle Damage Assessment
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BW Biological Weapons
BWC Biological Weapons Convention
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
CBD Chemical/Biological Defense
CFE Conventional Forces in Europe
CINC Commander in Chief
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
COCOM Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
CONUS Continental United States
CPRC Counterproliferation Program Review Committee
CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CTR Cooperative Threat Reduction
CW Chemical Weapons
CWC Chemical Weapons Convention
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DCI Director of Centraol Intelligence
DGP NATO Senior Gefence Group on Proliferation
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DoD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
EOD Explosive Ordinance Disposal
FLIR Forward Looking Intrared Radar
FSU Former Soviet Union
GPS Global Positioning System
HEU Highly Enriched Uranium
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IC Intelligence Community
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (Range: Greater than 5,500 km)
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (Range: 3,000 to 5,500 km)
JCP NATO Joint Committee on Proliferation
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program
JPO-BD Joint Program Office for Biological Defense
JWCA Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment
km Kilometers
LANDSAT Land Remote Sensing Satellite
LEU Low Enriched Uranium
MAD Mutually Assured Destruction
MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System
MRBM Medium Range Ballistic Missile (Range: 1,000 to 3,000 km)
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime
NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging
NBC Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical
NEST Nuclear Emergency Search Team
NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program
NIP Nuclear Incident Program
NIS New Independent States
NPC Non-Proliferation Center
NPRC Nonproliferation Program Review Committee
NPT Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
NSG Nuclear Suppliers' Group
OPCW Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OSCE Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSIA On-Site Inspection Agency
PAC Patriot Advanced Capability
PGM Precision Guided Munition
PrepCom Preparatory Commission
Pu Plutonium
R&D Research and Development
RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile
SEI Specific Emitter Identification
SGP NATO Senior Politico-Military Group
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
SLV Space Launch Vehicle
SOF Special Operations Forces
SRBM Short Range Ballistic Missile (Range: 1,000 km or less)
SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
TBM Theater Ballistic Missile
TBMD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense
TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities
TMD Theater Missile Defense
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UGS Unattended Ground Sensors
UN United Nations
U.S. United States
UNSCOM UN Special Commission on Iraq
UNSCR UN Security Council Resolution
USG United States Government
USSOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command

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