The U-2 in Desert Storm


The Dragon Lady Meets the Challenge
The U-2 in Desert Storm


AOG Air Operations Group

AOR Area of Responsibility

ASARS-II Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System II

ATO Air Tasking Order

AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System

BDA Bomb Damage Assessment

CENTAF Central Air Command

CENTCON Central Command

CHOP Change Operational Control

CINCSAC Commander in Chief SAC

CNN Cable News Network

DCM Deputy Commander Maintenance

ERO Emergency Reconnaissance Operations

GWAPS Gulf War Air Power Survey

H-cam HR-329 Camera

IPIR Initial Photographic Interpretation Report

IRIS-III Intelligence Reconnaissance Imagery System III

JPTS Jet Propellant Thermally Stable

LG Logistics

MIPE Mobile Intelligence Processing Element

MS Maintenance Squadron

NIIRS National Imagery Interpretation Rating Scale

OPCON Operational Control

PARPRO Peacetime Applications of Reconnaissance Programs

RSAF Royal Saudi Air Force

RTS Reconnaissance Technical Squadron

SAC Strategic Air Command

SAF Secretary of the Air Force t

SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan

S/NF Secret/Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

SRC Strategic Reconnaissance Center

SRW Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

SYERS SENIOR YEAR Electro-optical Reconnaissance System

TACON Tactical Control

TEL Transporter Erector Launcher

TRAC Tactical Radar Correlator

UTC Unit Type Codes

VFR Visual Flight Rules

WRSK War Reserve Spares Kit


The Dragon Lady Meets the Challenge
The U-2 in Desert Storm