July 9, 2018

From the DNI and PDDNI: IC2025 Vision and Foundational Priorities

We are committed to ensuring that the IC is positioned to stay ahead of the diverse, complex, and growing threats facing the nation and support the President's National Security Strategy. In order to achieve this objective, we have worked with the entire community on an IC2025 initiative identifying guiding principles and foundational priorities to drive our work. These IC2025 priorities are also reflected in the Consolidated Intelligence Guidance for the FY2020-24 budget. We wanted to share our vision and priorities and let you know the important role you will play.

The IC leadership has a shared vision. We know the IC has never been better or more integrated, but our current best may not be good enough to address future competition. Over the past year, the IC leadership team has harvested the IC's knowledge of our challenges and opportunities, assessed where we need to be, and determined how we will reach the next level of effectiveness. This IC2025 effort has come together in new guiding principles, attributes to describe the IC's future operating model, and a set of strategic priorities.

Our guiding principles define outcomes we will achieve to serve our nation: We advance our national security, economic strength, and technological superiority by delivering distinctive, timely insights with clarity, objectivity, and independence. To do so, we achieve unparalleled access to adversaries' protected information and exquisite understanding of their intentions and capabilities, maintain global awareness for strategic warning, and leverage what others do well to add unique value for the nation.

We are changing the way our Community and individual agencies operate: IC leaders have identified the mission-essential attributes of a unified, agile, and trusted IC. Achieving these attributes is essential to mission success. We will fully leverage our Community's diverse expertise by planning and acting together. We will continuously innovate and act with speed -- every IC team must be action-oriented and appropriately tolerant of risk. We will protect the secrets that matter while earning the trust of the American people every day.

We will pursue together our foundational priorities:

These are key initiatives that IC leaders agree we must pursue together to realize our vision and enable mission.

We need you to do your part. At the ODNI, we have looked critically at how we are leading the Community and are undergoing a transformation effort to model these attributes and better posture our organization to lead. We would like every IC officer to think about this vision and apply it in your work. Identify opportunities to improve processes and scale up innovations. Apply capabilities to the highest priorities. Share and fuse information. Develop and leverage partnerships within the IC, across the U.S. Government, in the private sector, and with foreign counterparts. Share your ideas, your knowledge, and your data. Be clear about mitigating and accepting risks, especially the risk of failure, to get us to a better future. We know what we need to do. Now we need the courage and unity of purpose to get it done.

Ultimately, our shared vision will be achieved by our collective efforts. Thank you for the work you do to keep our nation safe.

Source: ODNI