FYI: FBIS To Modify DPRK, ROK Source Names

Friday, February 11, 2005 T07:43:01Z

On 1 February, FBIS will modify and begin using the names of North and South Korean sources it monitors in accordance with the US Government's (USG) Korean transliteration standard on personal names (for the majority of its sources) and source-provided English renderings (for a limited number of the widely known primary sources it covers).

This modification of source names will serve the dual purposes of (1) applying the USG transliteration standard more comprehensively across all FBIS product sets, and (2) bringing FBIS source names into compliance with those used by other USG offices and international media.

Following is a list of the primary North and South Korean sources that will be affected by this change, and the way in which they will appear in FBIS products starting on 1 February.

Previous FBIS Rendering New FBIS Rendering Source Country
Ch'ollima Ch'o'llima DPRK
Chongbo Kwahak Cho'ngbo Kwahak DPRK
Chongi Chadonghwa Cho'ngi Chadonghwa DPRK
Ch'ongwadae Ch'o'ngwadae ROK
Chonja Konghak Cho'nja Konghak DPRK
Chonja Sinmun Cho'nja Sinmun ROK
Choson Choso'n DPRK
Choson Ilbo Chosun Ilbo ROK
Choson Sinbo Choso'n Sinbo DPRK
Choson Uihak Choso'n U'ihak DPRK
Chuch'e Uihak Chuch'e U'ihak DPRK
Chugan Choson Weekly Chosun ROK
Chugan Tong-a Weekly Dong-A ROK
Chungang Ilbo JoongAng Ilbo ROK
Hanguk Kyongje Sinmun Hanguk Kyo'ngje Sinmun ROK
Hangyore Hankyoreh ROK
Kim Il-song Chonghap Kim Il-so'ng Chonghap DPRK
Kisul Hyoksin Kisul Hyo'ksin DPRK
Konsol Ko'nso'l DPRK
Kuguk Chonson Kuguk Cho'nso'n DPRK
Kumsok Ku'msok DPRK
Kumsu Kangsan Ku'msu Kangsan DPRK
Kwahagwon T'ongbo Kwahagwo'n T'ongbo DPRK
Kwahak-ui Segye Kwahak-u'i Segye DPRK
Kyonggongop Kyo'nggongo'p DPRK
Kyonghyang Sinmun Kyo'nghyang Sinmun ROK
Kyongje Yongu Kyo'ngje Yo'ngu DPRK
Maegyong Economy Maegyo'ng Economy ROK
Maeil Kyongje Maeil Kyo'ngje ROK
Media Onul Media Onu'l ROK
Minju Choson Minju Joson DPRK
Nodong Sinmun Rodong Sinmun DPRK
Nongop Nongo'p DPRK
Palmyong Kongbo Palmyo'ng Kongbo DPRK
Pangyok Chonso Pangyo'k Cho'nso' DPRK
Punsok Punso'k DPRK
Sanhagyon 21 Sanhagyo'n 21 ROK
Chongyojo Chongbo Cho'ngyojo Cho'ngbo ROK
Suui Ch'uksan Suu'i Ch'uksan DPRK
Tong-a Ilbo Dong-A Ilbo ROK
Tunngdae Tu'nngdae DPRK
Uihak U'ihak DPRK