[EXCERPTS] DoD News Briefing

Thursday, May 21, 1998 - 1:30 p.m. (EDT)
Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD (PA) 


Q: It's a topic of Khobar and Riyadh terrorist strikes against our military. The Iranian government has pretty much been caught red handed as engineering the bombings in Argentina. The Argentine government thinks they've got them cold. This is another evidence, this is something that was predicted by the Iranian Resistance, thanks to their intelligence. They said today, the Iranian Resistance representatives here in Washington, said they're confident that the orders for Khobar were given in Tehran at the highest levels of that government. They're still confident of that. Do you have any comment besides...

A: Who said they're confident?

Q: The Iranian Resistance.

Q: The Mujahadin.

Q: And the Mujahadin have said they predicted the outcome of Argentina. Now they're predicting the outcome of Khobar. And they say the orders were given at the highest levels, at the presidential levels in the Iranian government.

A: Well, this is something that the Justice Department has been investigating. We have not been handling the investigation. I cannot comment on that.

As you properly point out, it took the Argentinean government a long while to sort this out, and it's taking us awhile to sort it out as well. These are complicated cases and the Justice Department's continuing its work.