Warfighter-1 - Phillips Laboratory

The Space Experiments Directorate of Phillips Laboratory announced award of the Integrated Space Technology Demonstration (ISTD) Warfighter-1 contract for approximately $32.5 million to Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) Germantown, MD on 5 Aug 97. The Warfighter-1 program is an advanced technology demonstration program that will provide hyperspectral imagery and related technology and services as a part of OSCís ORBView-3 high-resolution imaging satellite. The satelliteís high-performance electro-optical digital camera will be modified to add hyperspectral imaging capabilities. The program will also include the evaluation and validation of hyperspectral technologies, development of a mobile ground station, related image processing algorithms and software for assessment of tactical utility for military applications. Hyperspectral imagery is an emerging technology that utilizes a large number of frequency bands enabling the detection and identification of ground targets and conditions that would not be seen by other satellite sensor systems. In addition, this first-of-a-kind Air Force program is also an experiment in leveraging commercial space systems to provide demonstration of advanced satellite technologies. Lessons learned from this program, which combines commercial and military market needs, could provide the Air Force with a potentially lower-cost alternative for future R&D and operational military space systems. For additional information please contact either Janice S. Olson, Contracting Officer PL/PKS, by phone at 505-846-7601 or e-mail at [email protected] or Lt Col Gary Seigel, Program Director PL/SXDI, by phone at 505-846-4