NNS3612.  P-3C's new mission is Navy SEAL's newest asset
by LTJG James Hollingsworth, VP-45 Public Affairs

Aug. 28, 1997

     SIGONELLA, Sicily (NWSA) -- Patrol Squadron (VP) 45 P-
3C "Orion" aircraft recently conducted a training exercise
with Navy SEALs using the latest in intelligence
dissemination equipment.
     The 6th Fleet exercise, held in the western
Mediterranean, involved VP-45 aircraft, USS Tempest (PC 2)
and the SEALs.
     Using the newly developed Air Deployable Delivery
System (ADDS), the squadron passed critical surveillance
information directly to the SEALs waiting in the water. ADDS
makes it easier to share intelligence information for closer
support of surface ships and special operations.
     "The success of this mission could pave the way for
future assignments with Navy SEALs, providing yet another
mission for the Orion," remarked LT William Freehafer,
Combat Aircrew 1 mission commander.
     In order to ensure 100 percent accuracy in data
transfer, two practice runs were conducted under daylight
conditions.  The actual event was performed in darkness,
using lessons learned earlier in the day.
     "The exercise was a complete success and an outstanding
first detachment for VP-45," said CDR Greg Miller, VP-45's
executive officer.