US Spy Hanged in Tehran

Tehran, Sept. 1, IRNA -- The military tribual of Tehran in a statement monday morning announced that Siavosh Bayani, son of Abolqassem, was hanged in Tehran last week on charges of spying for ''Great Satan, America''.

According to the statement, Aayani had relayed secret military information to the U.S. intelligence service.

Bayani, accompanied by his family, left Iran for the United States through a neighboring country in the Iranian year 1363 (1984-85) where he applied for political asylum.

After living in the United States for 11 years, CIA assigned him to return to Iran for espionage activities. He was arrested in 1374 by the security forces of the army and later confessed to his ''disgraceful activities -- spying for Great Satan, America,'' the announcement further revealed.

Bassed on his confessions, Bayani received a sum of dlrs 1,000 to 1,500 for each contact.

He was tried at tribunal no. 1 of Tehran and was sentenced to death according to a verdict issued on January 9, 1995. The verdict was carried out at Evin prison in Tehran last week after going through the legal proceedings and being endorsed by the supreme court.

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