ESC's Restructure

A Quick Look at the New Electronic Systems Center

ESC Command Section - ESC/CC
Combat Air Forces Command and Control Systems - ESC/AC
Acquisition Development Office - ESC/BP
Center Operations - ESC/CO
Command and Control Unified Battlespace Environment - ESC/CU
Defense Information Infrastructure - ESC/DI
Financial Management & Comptroller - ESC/FM
Global Air Traffic Operations Mobility Command and Control - ESC/GA
Inspector General - ESC/IG
Information Operations - ESC/IY
Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System - ESC/JS
Contracting - ESC/PK
Program Execution Office - ESC/CCZ
Intelligence Division - ESC/IN
Test and Evaluation - ESC/TE
Strategic & Nuclear Deterrence C2 - ESC/ND
Manpower and Quality Office - ESC/MQ
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate - ESC/JA
Special Projects SPO - ESC/ZJ
MILSATCOM Terminal Programs - ESC/MC
Airborne Warning and Control System - ESC/AW
Force Protection C2 SPO - ESC/FN
Expeditionary Force Experiment '98 - ESC/FX
Information Program Office - ESC/IO
66th Air Base Wing - 66 ABW

ESC's Geographically Separated Units


ESC Command Section
Commander: Lt. Gen. Ronald T. Kadish
Phone: (781)377-5102
Vice Commander: Brig. Gen (Sel.) Ted M. McFarland
Phone: (781)377-5104
Executive Director: Mr. John Wilson
Phone: (781)377-5527
Director, Commander's Staff: Col. Lee H. Hughes
Phone: (781)377-5106
Senior Enlisted Advisor: Chief Master Sgt. Michael Kerver
Phone: (781)377-5115
Fax for all CC Offices: (781)377-4659
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Financial Management & Comptroller - ESC/FM

Mission: Establishes financial management policy and implements programming, budgeting, cost estimating, contract cost performance analysis, and accounting & finance procedures for ESC and 16 tenant organizations. Directs ESC annual budget development and execution for $3.8B of direct and other agency funding for Command and Control (C2) systems acquisition programs, and for base operations and maintenance.
Director: Colonel Peter G. Gavornik
Location: Bldg. 1600, 3rd Floor
Phone/B-mail: (781) 377-2470/[email protected]

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Global Air Traffic Operations Mobility Command and Control - ESC/GA
Mission: Leading the acquisition and implementation of airborne, space, and ground-based Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) and Mobility C2 systems.
Certify all USAF GATM systems meet civil air traffic control requirements to ensure the capability for access to the global air traffic environment to support AF Global Attack, Rapid Global Mobility, and Joint Operations worldwide.
Director: Colonel Stephen Henry
Location: Bldg. 1630/Room 240
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-4954/[email protected]

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Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System - ESC/JS
Mission: Develops, tests, fields, supports and sustains $20B airborne radar system which detects, tracks and reports ground targets, improving other Air Force and Army weapon systems' combat effectiveness. Total E-8C fleet will be 13 production aircraft and 1 permanent test-bed aircraft. The program also includes proposed production of Airborne Ground Surveillance system assets (4-6 aircraft) for delivery to NATO.
Director: Colonel Robert H. Latiff
Location: Bldg. 1630, 1st & 3rd floors, SPD office: rm 106
Geographically separated units at: Robins AFB, GA (depot) and Melbourne, FL (Joint Test Force)
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-5725/[email protected]

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Inspector General - ESC/IG
Mission: The Inspector General's office is responsible for operating independent and unbiased Personal Complaint and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Programs across the Electronic Systems Center. The office advises Center personnel on IG issues and policies, and provides functional expertise for all administrative investigations conducted within the Center. The IG Office is also the liaison for oversight activities conducted by the IG, DoD and the Air Force Inspection Agency, and serves as the Center's focal point for all Congressional inquiries.
Director: Colonel Donald L. Smith
Location: Bldg. 1618, 3rd Floor, Room 308
Phone: (781)377-1608
Common Mail Box: [email protected]@esc-ig
EMAIL Address: [email protected]

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Information Operations Systems - ESC/IY
Mission: To assure integrated information superiority capability into Air Force command and control. ESC/IY will use the new ESC process to achieve timely delivery and integration and defense information infrastructure common operating environment compliance.
Director: Colonel Charles E. Jones
Location: Mitre K Bldg., Mitre M Bldg., Bldg. 1302FA, Bldg. 1704, Mitre K room 1K103
Phone/E-Mail: (781)271-7002, [email protected]

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Contracting - ESC/PK
Mission: Work in partnership with customers and industry to develop work class business strategies and contract for timely, affordable, interoperable C4I systems--resulting in dominant battlefield solutions.
Director: Steven H. Sheldon, Colonel, USAF
Location: 9 Eglin Street, Room 220
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-2201/2202 [email protected]

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Program Execution Office - ESC/CCZ
Increase ESC-wide focus on acquisition issues of cost, schedule and performance. Small staff dedicated to decreasing decision cycle times for program directors and managers, while simultaneously providing Designated Acquisition Commander more time to make decisions. Ensure DAC is apprised of all key, upcoming program events.
Director: Lt Col Bud Vazquez
Location: Bldg. 1600, 2nd floor
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-5107/[email protected]

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Command and Control Unified Battlespace Environment (CUBE) - ESC/CU
MISSION: Define, establish and operate the C2 weapon system distributed support environment. Provide integration and interoperability support to spiral development, test, exercises, demonstrations, experiments and current operations. Provide an entrepreneurial, innovative concept development and prototyping capability.
Director: Col Richard F Picanso
Location: CUBE, Bldg. 1607
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-8698/[email protected]

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Combat Air Forces Command and Control Systems - ESC/AC
Mission: Rapidly provide integrated, cost effective air operations command and control capability to all echelons of US and allied combat air forces to enable air superiority, precision engagement, global attack, and dominant maneuver.
Director: Col Bruce G. P. Hevey
Location: Bldg. 1624 1st floor (until 19 Nov 97); Mitre M 1st - 3rd floor; Mitre B 1st and 2nd floor.
Phone/Email: (781)377-4195/[email protected]

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Institutionalize acquisition reform by implementing strategic business practices which result in the "best value" with minimum infrastructure requirements.
Director: Col Thomas W. Mahler, Jr.
Location: BLDG. 1217
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-7176/[email protected]

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Intelligence Division - ESC/IN
To provide technical intelligence information and threat assessments, foreign disclosure, special security, and program protection support to all ESC activities.
Director: Lt Col Anthony P. Lefebvre
Location: Building 1521, Second and Third Floors
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-2377 /[email protected]@hanscom-cmb

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Defense Information Infrastructure - ESC/DI
Mission: Provide the AF Integrated C2 System Architecture and Infrastructure, including both products and services, as an integral and compliant part of the joint DII.
Director: Mr Matt Mleziva
Location: Bldg. 1624, 2nd & 3rd Floors
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-2771/[email protected]@esc-ax


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Center Operations - ESC/CO
Mission: Provide integrated business planning, resource allocation and investment decisions to conduct efficient and effective ESC operations.
Director: Colonel Anthony [Tony] P. Sharon
Location: Building 1624, 3rd Floor, SE Quadrant
Phone: (781)377-2774/[email protected]

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Test and Evaluation - ESC/TE
Mission: Provide our customers with disciplined, tailored test processes, facilities coordination, and expertise to conduct integrated C2 testing within resource constraints--providing early insight and value-added.
Director: Colonel Charles M. Reynolds, Jr
Location: Mitre bldg. A Rm# 3A 251
Phone/E-Mail: (781)271-5563 [email protected]@esc-av1

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Strategic & Nuclear Deterrence C2 SPO - ESC/ND
Rapidly acquire, and continuously support and maintain integrated, cost effective, highly reliable command and control capabilities for space and strategic customers to enable air and space superiority, global awareness, and precision engagement in peacetime and throughout all phases of conflict.
Director: Jan Steele, GM-15 at Peterson AFB, CO
Phone: (719) 556-4367 DSN 834-4367
Deputy Directors: Col Walter Avila at Hanscom, Lt Col Larry Brown at Peterson
Location: Bldg. 1618, room # 204
Phone: (781)377-3596 or 8957
Email: [email protected]

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Manpower and Quality Office - ESC/MQ
Mission: Represents the AFMC Director for Manpower Office. Provides staff advice to the commanders of ESC, 66 ABW, Material Systems Group (WPAFB), 38 Engineering Installations Wing (EIW) (Tinker AFB OK), and the Standard Systems Group (Gunter AFB AL) for manpower, organization, management engineering and productivity ;matters. Manages the Air Force Productivity and IDEA programs for Hanscom AFB.
Chief: Mr. John X. Moonan
Location: Bldg. 1716 So., second floor, Room 229.
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-2092/John [email protected]@esc-mq

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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate - ESC/JA
The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate serves as general counsel for the Electronic Systems Center. ESC/JA advises the commander and staff on acquisition law, environmental law, and other matters. ESC/JA also administers general court-martial jurisdiction over 4500 personnel and claims jurisdiction over a six-state area; represents ESC in adversary proceedings; runs a federal magistrate court program; prosecutes patents; serves as denial authority for Freedom of Information Act requests; and provides functional supervision for SSG/JA and 38 EIW/JA.
Staff Judge Advocate: Col Lester K. Katahara
Location: Building 1436
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-4076, Lester [email protected]@esc-ja

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Special Projects SPO - ESC/ZJ
Selectively manned, lead system program office (SPO) for acquiring, testing, and fielding highly classified command and control capabilities. Directs $1B in critical, national priority programs in DoD combat identification, theater air defense, infrared countermeasures for command and control assets, fusion of national intelligence systems with tactical command and control, and information warfare.
Director: Martha T. Evans, GS-15 (Acting)
Location: Bldg 1614
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-8440 / [email protected]

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MILSATCOM Terminal Programs Office - ESC/MC
Mission: Singularly responsible to develop, procure,deploy, and sustain all Air Force satellite terminals for the global communications needs of the National Command Authorities and theater land, naval, and air warfare forces in all levels of conflict.
Director: Mr. Steve Carlon (GM-15)
Location: MITRE D Building
Phone/E-mail: (781)271-6178, [email protected]

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Airborne Warning and Control System- ESC/AW
Mission: Designs, acquires and installs $2.8 Billion of advanced radar, communications and signals intercept equipment of the U.S. Airborne Warning and Control Systems E-3 aircraft, as well as $5.2 Billion of Foreign Military Sales in support of NATO, United Kingdom, French Republic, Saudi and Japanese AWACS fleets. Also, single manager for sustainment of U.S. AWACS fleet (33 aircraft) across multiple international theaters.
Director: Col. Gary Connor
Location: Bldg. 1612, 2nd and 3rd Floors
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-5517, [email protected]

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Force Protection C2 SPO - ESC/FN
Mission: Develop, test, acquire and field force protection command and control (C2) systems to preserve and protect people and valued assets assigned to joint warfighting CINCs and MAJCOMs. Electronic security systems included fixed or relocatable sensors and defense lethal and non-lethal technologies that protect nuclear and non-nuclear DoD weapon systems in-garrison or deployed worldwide.
Director: Col. Russell N. Peter
Location: Until Nov. 20: Bldg. 1305 1st Floor, Room 101 After Nov 20: Bldg. 1624, 1st Floor, Room TBD
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-6002/[email protected]

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Expeditionary Force Experiment '98- ESC/FX
Mission: Architect, acquire, integrate, and deploy the first advanced, integrated air & space command and control system using an experiment based, spiral acquisition process.
Director: Col. Henry (Trey) Obering
Location: Bldg. 1521, 1st Floor
Phone/E-mail: (781)377-8248/[email protected]

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Information Program Office - ESC/IO
Perform Senior Executive execution/oversight functions for Designated Acquisition Commander information system programs.
Director: Dennis J. Volpe, SES
Location: Bldg. 1612, Rm E-101 (first floor)
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-7590/[email protected]

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66 ABW

66th Air Base Wing - 66 ABW/CC
Provides operating support and quality of life medical, civil engineering, personnel, communications, computer, security and all other services to Electronic Systems Center, Phillips Lab, MIT Lincoln Labs and other tenant units. Supports over 100,000 people, manages $54 million annual budget and maintains over 256 vehicles and 1,500 structures, including 858 housing units.
Commander: Col. John B. Piazza
Location: Bldg. 1600, 2nd Floor
Phone/E-Mail: (781)377-2301/[email protected]

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