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97610. Pilot Information Security Assurance Site Is On Line

American Forces Press Service

	ARLINGTON, Va.--The Defense Information Systems Agency's DoD 

Information Security Assurance Support Environment pilot system is on 

line at The site is restricted to users 

with .mil and .gov e-mail extensions. 

	Operated by the agency's Information System Security Program 

Management Office, the system allows DoD personnel to share 

information security education, training and awareness; security 

certification and accreditation process guidance and advice; and 

information on various agency, Joint Staff and DoD information 

security programs. The pilot system provides:

	o A repository of general knowledge concerning the certification 

and accreditation process.

	The Formats and Examples segment contains sample formats and 

examples of past cases of certification and accreditation 

documentation and related or supporting information. Userss may search 

this repository by scanning an index of document titles.

	The Specific Advice segment catalogs previously answered 

questions. Topics focus on certification and accreditation process 

tasks and steps. Users may search by clicking on the "Specific Advice" 

link on the home page or in the footer of any other page.

	o An electronic bulletin board service and list server.

	Information will be posted in the Notices segment by 

certification and accreditation experts. Users may search by key words 

and also may subscribe to obtain automatic notification of selected 

topics. To subscribe, enter name and e-mail address, select 

"subscribe" and click "submit" at the main Notices window. Users 

receive a subscription confirmation by e-mail. Users may request new 

topics by sending e-mail to: [email protected]

	o An electronic chat service.

	The Discussions segment lets clients chat with other 

certification and accreditation practitioners in real- and nonreal-

time. Users must first register with a name and password and then 

simply log in. Information security experts may use this area as a 

medium to information certification and accreditation personnel in the 

field. Users may request new topics by sending e-mail to: 

[email protected]

	o A help desk.

	Pilot help desk hours are weekdays 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, 

excluding federal holidays. The desk is users' first and central point 

of contact, and staff try to answer as many questions as possible on 

the first call. More difficult questions are escalated to experts for 

research and resolution using a "trouble ticket" system for tracking 

and disposition. The help desk can be reached via e-mail at: 

[email protected]

	The Whiteboard is a Java applet that allows users to interact 

with each other using a chat/drawing tool. Click on the home page 

"Whiteboard" link to download the applet. A "Feedback/Suggestions" 

link at the end of each segment brings up a template clients can use 

to send an e-mail message to: [email protected]

	o A link to information security training opportunities; 

	o A link to Multilevel Security/Secret and Below Interoperability 


	o Links to various information security automated environments; 


	o Information on the Defense Information System Network Secret 

Internet Protocol Router Network connection approval process.

	Users may find several areas of the pilot system "under 

construction" at any given time.

	(From a Defense Information Systems Agency news release.)