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(Clinton's choice for post following Lake withdrawal)  (490)

Washington -- President Clinton has nominated George J.Tenet to be the
next Director of Central Intelligence. Clinton chose Tenet for the
post March 19 after his earlier nominee, Anthony Lake, asked that his
name be withdrawn from consideration.

Tenet is currently acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Following is the text of a biography of Tenet released by the White

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Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

George J. Tenet was sworn in as Deputy Director of Central
Intelligence on 3 July 1995. As the principal deputy to the Director
of Central Intelligence, he has responsibilities in the Intelligence
Community and for the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Tenet previously served as Special Assistant to the President and
Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security
Council. In this position, he served as National Security Advisor
Anthony Lake's principal intelligence advisor. He has coordinated
Presidential Decision Directives on "Intelligence Priorities,"
"Security Policy Coordination," "U.S. Counterintelligence
Effectiveness," and "U.S. Policy on Remote Sensing Space
Capabilities." He was responsible for coordinating all interagency
activities concerning covert action.

Prior to serving at the National Security Council, he served on
President Clinton's national security transition team. In this
capacity, he coordinated the evaluation of the U.S. Intelligence
Community. Mr. Tenet also served as Staff Director for the Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence for over four years under the
chairmanship of Senator David C. Boren managing the activities of a
bipartisan staff of 40 professionals. He was responsible for
coordinating all of the committee's oversight and legislative
activities including the strengthening of covert action reporting
requirements, the creation of a statutory Inspector General at CIA,
and the introduction of comprehensive legislation to reorganize U.S.

Mr. Tenet came to the committee from Senator John Heinz's staff in
August of 1985, as designee to the Vice Chairman, Senator Patrick
Leahy. He served in this capacity through 1986. From 1986 until he was
appointed Staff Director, Mr. Tenet directed the committee's oversight
of all arms control negotiations between the Soviet Union and the
United States, culminating in the preparation of a report to the U.S.
Senate on "The Ability of U.S. Intelligence to Monitor the
Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty."

Mr. Tenet also worked for the late Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania
for over three years, both as a legislative assistant covering
national security and energy issues an as legislative director.

In 1976 he received a B.S.F.S. from the School of Foreign Service at
Georgetown University and an M.I.A. from the School of International
Affairs at Columbia University in 1978.

Mr. Tenet is a native of New York. He is married to A. Stephanie
Glakas-Tenet and resides in Potomac, Maryland. They have a son, John

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