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AIA unit wins presidential honors

KELLY AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFNS) -- A special team assigned to the Air Intelligence Agency's National Air Intelligence Center was honored during White House ceremonies Oct. 6.

The team won the first Killian Team Award, presented by the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The award, named for the first chairman of the PFIAB, Dr. James Killian, recognizes "outstanding contributions to foreign policy and analysis of crucial importance to the United States," and was presented by former U.S. Sen. Warren Rudmann.

The NAIC team, consisting of both active-duty and reserve people, earned the award for its extensive technical and analytical work in support of United Nations arms control efforts. The NAIC contributions to U.S. nonproliferation policy have been recognized as extremely significant.

Senior American and United Nations officials have praised the work of NAIC, saying they were "delighted that NAIC was honored at the White House."

"I personally feel the team's work gives a sense of professional satisfaction, knowing our contributions may help thwart the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction," an NAIC staff member said. He added that NAIC's commitment to the U.N. is "extremely serious business."

In accepting the award, Col. Gary Payton, NAIC commander at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, said that "a unique aspect of the team's success was the use of a total force of Air Force active-duty, Air Force civilians, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard people."