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Bonus program expands for 18 specialties

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFNS) -- The Air Force has given servicemembers in 18 specialties more incentive to re-enlist after adding or adjusting their career fields' selective reenlistment bonuses. The changes to the SRB program became effective Oct. 29, after a review with functional managers and major command representatives.

The Air Force specialty codes affected are:

Zone-A additions (4):

AFSC Multiplier
1N1X1, Imagery Interpreter 1.5
1N2X1, Signals Intelligence .5
2A7X2, Nondestructive Inspector 1
2M0X3, Missile and Space Facilities .5

Zone-A increases (6)

AFSC Multiplier Old Multiplier
1C2X1, Combat Control 3.5 3
1C3X1, Communications and Control 1.5 .5
1C6X1, Space Systems Operations 2 1.5
1N0X2, Target Intelligence 1.5 1
1N3X4A, Far East Cryptologists 3.5 3
1N3X4B, Far East Cryptologists 3.5 2

Zone-B Additions (7)

AFSC Multiplier
1N0X2, Target Intelligence 1.5
1N1X1, Imagery Interpreter 1.5
1N2X1, Signals Intelligence .5
3E4X2, Liquid Fuels Systems Maint .5
3U0X1, Manpower Management .5
4B0X1, Bioenvironmental Engineer .5
4C0X1, Mental Health .5

Zone-B Increases (1)

AFSC Multiplier Old Multiplier
4V0X1A, Optometry 1.5 1

Airmen affected by the SRB changes are being notified by local military personnel flights prior to their re-enlistment.

Zone A refers to those airmen having 21 months to six years of service. Airmen in Zone B have six to 10 years of service. For more information regarding these changes, contact your career enhancement section within local military personnel flights.