Memorandum Number: No. 046-M

March 2, 1995


The Department of the Army announced today the realignment of two of its intelligence organizations, the Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (ITAC) and the Foreign Science and Technology Center (FSTC) into the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC). This is a consolidation of existing missions, personnel authorizations, and resources to form the Army's "Center for Excellence" for ground component intelligence production support to national and departmental intelligence consumers.

This action includes realigning elements of FSTC, now based in Charlottesville, VA and ITAC, now based in the Southeast Federal Center in Washington, DC, into the NGIC, which will be based predominantly in leased facilities previously occupied by the FSTC at Charlottesville, VA. The counterintelligence production elements of ITAC will relocate to Fort Meade, MD to become part of the 902d Military Intelligence Group. An element of the NGIC will remain at the Southeast Federal Center to perform certain training and preparation of Army forces for deployment, and to form the nucleus of a crisis action team, as required, in the National Military Joint Intelligence Center (NMJIC).

The decision to realign the intelligence organizations was taken in conjunction with overall Army force realignments to eliminate the duplication of missions and functions and to streamline intelligence organizations. Overall, this organization will result in the transfer of 24 military and 54 civilian authorizations to other Army organizations and the elimination of 103 military authorizations and 119 civilian authorizations by the end of fiscal year 1995.

For more information call Army Public Affairs (703) 697-7589.