Defenselink NEWS RELEASE

Reference Number: No. 282-95




May 23, 1995



The Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), acting as agent for the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office, today selected the Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical team, San Diego, Calif., for Phase Two of the Tier II Plus High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program. Subject to negotiation, the team will receive $164 million for this phase.

Team members include E-Systems Melpar Division, Falls Church, Virginia; Rockwell, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Unisys Communication Systems, Salt Lake City, Utah; Allison Engine Company, Indianapolis, Indiana; and Hughes Aircraft Company, Los Angeles, California.

The Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical team will execute a 31-month advanced development and flight test effort. They will design, develop, fabricate and test two advanced development air vehicles and a ground station, followed by 12 months of flight and system performance testing. After successful flight tests, the program will proceed to Phase Three to build up to eight additional demonstration air vehicles and two ground stations, and operationally demonstrate the system for two years.

The Tier II Plus High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program will demonstrate an affordable reconnaissance capability for the Joint Force Commander that will provide high-quality imagery products in exploitable form direct to the field user. The system is designed to have a recurring unit flyaway price for the airborne element of $10 million in 1994 budget year dollars. The system will be capable of sustained, 24-hour, high-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance under all weather conditions, at ranges of up to 3,000 nautical miles from its operating base. The system will be equipped with radar and electro-optical and infrared sensors, and will transmit imagery from the aircraft via satellite communications to operational exploitation facilities over long distances. This new, near real-time intelligence and targeting information is expected to significantly enhance battlefield situation awareness and the warfighting capability of the Joint Force Commander.

The Program Director, Mr. John Entzminger states "I was highly encouraged to see the innovative designs and strong proposals from each of the 5 Phase One contractors. It was a difficult decision to select the one team whose proposed system and program best supported a low risk, minimal change transition through all phases of the program. The winning team's proposal reflected the most advantageous combination of system capability and program technical, management and financial approach. I look forward to working with them as we continue this program. The Tier II Plus is crucial to permit the warfighter to have continuous battlefield awareness in the future."

The program is being managed by an ARPA-led, joint ARPA/Army/Navy/Air Force project office.