THE WHITE HOUSE

                     Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                     March 30, 1995


The President today asked the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) to
conduct a government-wide review of any and all aspects of the
allegations surrounding the 1990 death of Michael Devine and the 1992
disappearance of Efrain Bamaca Valesquez in Guatemala, as well as any
related matters.  The review should also include any available
information on the deaths or human rights abuses of other Americans,
including the torture of Sister Dianna Ortiz in 1989, the death of
Griffith Davis in 1985 and the death of Nicholas Blake in 1985.

The President asked the Board to consult the CIA and Justice Department
Inspector Generals and the State Department, NSA and other components of
the Department of Defense which are already reviewing these matters,
along with appropriate officials at any other relevant departments and
agencies.  The President asked that the IOB determine the facts
surrounding these cases and make recommendations based on its findings.

The President is concerned about recent allegations surrounding these
incidents and is committed to determining all related facts.  Once the
findings are completed, the President intends to take any and all
appropriate action and provide to the American public as much
information about the review as possible.

The Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) is a standing committee of the
President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB).  The IOB is
charged with, among other things, reporting and making recommendations
on intelligence matters referred to it by the President.  PFIAB members
are appointed by the President "from among trustworthy and distinguished
citizens outside the Government who are qualified on the basis of
achievement, experience and independence."  The IOB is currently
comprised of three members selected by the Chairman of the PFIAB.  The
timing and scope of the inquiry will be determined consistent with law
enforcement requirements.

# # #