THE WHITE HOUSE

                     Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                     March 11, 1995


     I desire to withdraw my name from consideration to be the next
Director of Central Intelligence.  An allegation that I failed to
properly compensate a young Filipino who legally accompanied us to the
United States appears substantially correct.  I was not aware of this
inadvertent error until a copy of a contract signed by my wife was shown
to me this past Thursday, 2 March.  My wife has no recollection of
signing this document but we believe it is probably authentic.
Moreover, I failed to ensure that I was conversant in detail with the
terms of his visa issued in 1987 and I accept responsibility.  I believe
these innocent errors may not be properly understood and will be
exploited to question my competency and suitability.

     The former notwithstanding, the principal reason for my withdrawal
is that a list of venomous and abusive accusations have been put forth
-- all without merit -- which are aimed at smearing my wife and my
children.  This is conduct simply beyond the pale and kills any
willingness on my part to proceed with the confirmation.

     Unfortunately, in today's confirmation proceedings one is innocent
until nominated.  Thereafter one must struggle to prove innocence.  This
is a very serious and growing deterrent in attracting good people
willing to serve their country.

     These unwarranted attacks on family and well being far outweigh my
willingness to be subjected to an innocence proceeding.  Family comes

     Finally, I am grateful to the President for believing I had the
competence and the capacity to serve.  If I had been confirmed, it would
have been the challenge of a lifetime.  Every best wish for success to
the new Director of Central Intelligence.