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Washington -- President Clinton is sending a new team of negotiators

to press for a peace settlement in Bosnia.

White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, in a written statement

issued August 23, said Richard Holbrooke, assistant secretary of state

for European affairs, will return to the region August 27 with the new

team to continue the diplomatic effort to seize the opportunity for a

negotiated settlement in the Balkans.

He said Clinton met with the new team shortly after attending funeral

services for three American team members killed in a road accident

August 19. The new members are Roberts Owen, currently Bosnian

Federation arbitrator; Christopher Hill of the State Department; and

James Pardew and Brigadier General Donald Kerrick of the Defense


Following is the text of McCurry's statement:

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The president has instructed Ambassador Holbrooke to return to the

former Yugoslavia this Sunday, August 27 to continue the search for

peace. In doing so, we honor the memory of Robert Frasure, Joseph

Kruzel and Nelson Drew who gave their lives in pursuit of this

important cause that has already taken so many innocent lives.

Following today's memorial service for the three men, the president

met with his foreign policy team and the new members of the Holbrooke

team. They include:

-- Roberts Owen currently is the Bosnian Federation arbitrator. He

will become the senior advisor to the secretary of state on the former

Yugoslavia. Owen was formerly the legal advisor to the Department of

State from 1979-1981.

-- Brigadier General Donald Kerrick currently is the director of the

National Military Intelligence Center at the Department of Defense,

and formerly a member of the National Security Council staff. He is on

temporary detail to the NSC.

-- James Pardew currently is the director of the Balkan Task Force in

the office of the secretary of defense.

-- Christopher Hill currently is the office director for the

South-Central European Affairs Section of the State Department and was

formerly our Charge in Albania.

The group will continue the diplomatic effort begun two weeks ago to

seize the opportunity for a negotiated settlement in the Balkans.

There can be no more fitting tribute to our colleagues than to persist

with new vigor the efforts for which they gave their lives.

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