*EPF503   11/27/92 *

(Text:  Senate Select Committee statement/schedule) (630)
Washington -- The Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs will hold its
last round of hearings December 1-4, Chairman John F. Kerry (Democrat of
Massachusetts) and Vice Chairman Bob Smith (Republican of New Hampshire)
announced November 27.

Following is the text of their statement:
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The hearings will focus on progress made on working with families and in
conducting operations in Southeast Asia since the Committee began its
investigation last November.  The hearings also will examine private
efforts on behalf of POW/MIAs, and take a critical took at intelligence

December 1:  Critics/defenders of the Defense Intelligence Agency
December 2:  Private groups' P-R and Fundraising Campaigns
December 3:  POW/MIA Families
December 4:  Ongoing Operations In-Country
Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
December 1, 1992
Panel One:  Internal Reviews of DIA
John H. Wiand
Head of February 1983
Inspector General investigation
Ken deGraffenreid
NSC Staff, author of report on DIA to
National Security Adviser in 1983-84
Col. Glenn F. Hargis,
Head of February 1985
Inspector General investigation
Dennis M. Nagy,
Head of March 1985
Inspector General investigation
Cdr. Thomas Brooks,
Author of Sept. 25, 1985 Memorandum
Col.  Kimball Gaines,
Head of Gaines Task Force
(Report issued March 1986)
Gen. Eugene Tighe,
Head of Tighe Commission
(Report issued May 1986)
Col. Millard Peck,
Author of January 1992 Letter
Panel Two: DIA's Response to Critics
Lt. Gen. Leonard Perroots,
Director of DIA, 1985-88
Richard Childress,
National Security Council Staff
(Reagan Administration)
Ronald J. Knecht
Defense Department
Gen. James Williams,
former Director, DIA
1ol. Joseph Schlatter,
Member of Gaines Task Force;
Chief of Analysis Branch, 1986-87; and
Chief POW/MIA Office at DIA 1987-90
Gen. James Clapper,
Director, DIA
Panel Three:  Interagency Group
Ann Mills Griffiths,
National League of Families
Richard Childress,
National Security Council Staff
Kenneth Quinn,
State Department
Robert Sheetz,
Defense Department
Carl Ford,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense
Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
December 2, 1992
Panel One:  Public Awareness Activities
Patty Sheridan
River Rats (of Kansas)
Marty Eddy,
POW Committee of Michigan
John Sommer,
American Legion
Bill Duker
Vietnam Veterans of America
JoAnn Shaw,
Georgia POW Committee
Panel Two:  Fundraising Activities
Bruce Eberle and Linda Canada
Bruce Eberle & Associates
Marilyn Price,
Creative Advantage
Joseph Salta,
Response Development
John Curtis,
Infocision Management
Panel Three:  Regulation of Fundraising Activities
Ken Albrecht,
National Charities Information Bureau
Charles Brown
Charitable Trusts Division, NC
Richard Allen,
National Ass'n of Attorneys General
Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
December 3, 1992
Panel One
Admiral James and Sybil Stockdale
Panel Two:  POW/MIA Wives
Donnie Collins (Virginia)
Janis Dodge Otis (California)
Carol Hrdlicka (Colorado)
Panel Three:  Other Family Members
John Kustigian (Massachusetts)
Pat Plumadore (New York)
David and Steve Morrissey (Arizona)
Robert Brown (California)
Panel Four:  Casualty Officers
George Atkinson,
USAF Casualty Affairs
B.J. Andrews,
DoD Family Liaison
David Geraldson
Former Casualty Officer
1t. Col. Mack Brooks,
U.S. Total Army Personnel Command
Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
December 4, 1992
Panel One
General John Vessey,
Special Presidential Emissary to Vietnam
Panel Two
Admiral Charles Larson,
Commander in Chief, Pacific Forces (CINCPAC)
Maj. Gen. Thomas Needham,
Chief, Joint Task Force-Full Accounting (JTF-FA)
Maj. Gen. George Christmas,
CINCPAC's Director of Operations
Panel Three
Alan Ptak,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for POW/MIA Affairs,
Defense Department
Kenneth Quinn,
Department of State
Panel Four
Carl Ford,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense
Col. John Cole,
Defense Intelligence Agency
Robert Sheetz,
Defense Intelligence Agency
Robert DeStatte,
Defense Intelligence Agency
Ted Schweitzer,
Garnett Bell,
Investigator, JTF-FA
William Gadoury,
Investigator, JTF-FA
MSGT Bill Deeter,
Investigator, JTF-FA
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