Section 1


9-100 General Policy

Heads of DoD Components shall ensure that personnel of their organization receive such security education and training as may be required to:

9-101 Methodology

Security education and training may be accomplished through establishment of programs within the Component, use of external resources such as the Department of Defense Security Institute, or a combination of the two.

Section 2

Initial Orientation

9-200 Cleared Personnel

a. All personnel in the organization who are cleared for access to classified information shall be provided an initial orientation to the Information Security Program before being allowed access to classified information. This initial orientation is intended to produce a basic understanding of the nature of classified information and the importance of its protection to the national security, place employees on notice of their responsibility to play a role in the security program, and provide them enough information to ensure proper protection of classified information in their possession. Security educators should consider including:

b. Before being granted access to classified information, employees must sign Standard Form 312, "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement." Cleared personnel who have signed an earlier nondisclosure agreement, the SF 189, need not sign SF 312, but they may elect to replace their SF 189 with a signed SF 312. SFs 189 and 312 shall be maintained for 50 years from the date of signature.

9-201 Uncleared Personnel

Members of the organization who are not cleared for access to classified information should be included in the security education program if they will be working in situations where inadvertent access to classified information might occur or will have access to unclassified information that might be of value to intelligence collectors. They should be provided with a brief explanation of the nature and importance of classified information and actions they should take if they discover classified information unsecured, note an apparent security vulnerability, or believe they are contacted by an intelligence collector.

Section 3

Special Requirements

9-300 General

Members of the organization in positions that require performance of specified roles in the Information Security Program shall be provided security education and training sufficient to permit quality performance of those duties. The education and training shall be provided before, concurrent with, or not later than six months following assumption of those positions.

9-301 Original Classifiers

The security education and training provided to original classification authorities shall, as a minimum, address each of the following:

9-302 Declassification Authorities Other Than Original Classifiers

The security education and training provided declassification authorities other than original classifiers shall, as a minimum, address each of the following:

9-303 Derivative Classifiers, Security Personnel and Others

Individuals specifically designated as responsible for derivative classification, security managers, classification management officers, security specialists or any other personnel whose duties significantly involve the management and oversight of classified information shall receive training that, as a minimum, addresses the following:

9-304 Others

Additional security education and training may be required for personnel who::

Section 4

Continuing Security Education/Refresher Training

9-400 Continuing Security Education

Security education should be a continuous, rather than a periodic influence on individual security performance. Periodic briefings, training sessions, and other formal presentations should be supplemented with other information and promotional efforts to ensure maintenance of continuous awareness and performance quality. The use of job performance aids and other substitutes for formal training is encouraged when they are determined to be the most effective means of achieving program goals. The circulation of directives or similar material on a "read-and initial" basis shall not be considered as a sole means of fulfilling any of the specific requirements of this Chapter.

9-401 Refresher Training

As a minimum, personnel shall receive annual refresher training that reinforces the policies, principles and procedures covered in initial and specialized training. Refresher training should also address the threat and the techniques employed by foreign intelligence activities attempting to obtain classified information, and advise personnel of penalties for engaging in espionage activities. Refresher training should also address issues or concerns identified during Component self-inspections

Section 5

Termination Briefings

9-500 General

The DoD Components shall establish procedures to ensure that cleared employees who leave the organization or whose clearance is terminated receive a termination briefing. This briefing shall emphasize their continued responsibility to:

Section 6

Program Oversight

9-600 General

Heads of the DoD Components shall ensure that security education programs are appropriately evaluated during self-inspections and other oversight activities. This evaluation shall include assessment of the quality and effectiveness of security education efforts, as well as ensuring appropriate coverage of the target populations. Heads of the Components shall require maintenance of whatever records of programs offered and employee participation they deem necessary to permit effective oversight.