AIF Automated Installation Intelligence File
AIRES Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
AOB Air Order of Battle
ARCENT Army Component, Central Command
ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
ATF Automation Task Force
ATO Air Tasking Order
BDA Battle Damage Assessments
BTG Basic Target Graphics
BW Biological Warfare
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
CCF Collection Coordination Facility
CHECKMATE Air campaign planning group
CENTAF Air Force Component, Central Command
CENTCOM Central Command
CINCCENT Commander in Chief, Central Command
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CPS Collection Posture Statements
CPX Command Post Exercise
CTC Central Tasking Cell
CTU Commander Task Unit
CW Chemical Warfare
DATT Defense Attache
DCS Defense Courier Service
DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DIC Defense Intelligence College
DID Defense Intelligence Digest
DIM Defense Intelligence Memorandum
DIO Defense Intelligence Officer
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DOCEX Document Exploitation
DoD Department of Defense
DoDJIC DoD Joint Intelligence Center
DODIIS DoD Intelligence Information System
DSA Defense Special Assessment
DSNET3 Defense Integrated Secure Network 3 ‹ TS/SCI level
E&E Escape and Evasion
EEI Essential Elements of Information
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
EUCOM European Command
FORSCOM US Army Forces Command
FROG Free Rocket Over Ground
FSTC Foreign Science and Technology Center
GMI General Military Intelligence
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GREEN Friendly forces
GRG Gridded Reference Graphics
HET Heavy Equipment Transport
HUMINT Human Intelligence
I&W Indications and Warning
IDB Integrated Data Base
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
INTSUM Intelligence Summary
IR Infrared
ITF Iraqi Regional Intelligence Task Force
IZKUWG Iraq/Kuwait Regional Working Group
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JIC Joint Intelligence Center
JIPC Joint Imagery Processing Center
JRC Joint Reconnaissance Center
JSTARS Joint Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance System
KTO Kuwaiti Theater of Operations
LAN Local Area Network
MARCENT Marine Corps Component, Central Command
MIB Military Intelligence Board
MIDS Military Intelligence Detachments
MINX Multimedia Information Network Exchange
MISC Missile and Space Intelligence Center
MSS Military Situation Summary
MTI Moving Target Indicator
NAVCENT US Navy Component, Central Command
NDP National Disclosure Policy
NIO National Intelligence Officer
NMIC National Military Intelligence Center
NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team
NOB Naval Order of Battle
MNF Multinational Force
OB Order of Battle
OICC Operational Intelligence Crisis Center
OPLAN Operational Plan
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSP Operational Support Package
PGWG Persian Gulf Working Group
RGFC Republican Guard Forces Command
SAC Strategic Air Command
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCUD Soviet-made surface-to-surface missile
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SOCCENT Special Operations Command, Central Command
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SRBM Short Range Ballistic Missile
SSSI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
TAC US Tactical Air Command
TARPS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TM Target Material
TSCR Time Sensitive Collection Requirement
UAE United Arab Emirates
UN United Nations
USAOG US Army Operational Group
USDAO US Defense Attache Office
WATCHCON Watch Condition
WWIMS Worldwide Warning and Indicator Monitoring System