1998 Congressional Hearings
Intelligence and Security

Office of National Drug Control Policy
Washington, DC 20503

Testimony of Barry R. McCaffrey
Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy,
Before the Senate Judiciary Committee,
on the 1998 National Drug Control Strategy,
March 4, 1998


  1. Drug Use Trends -- The Threat is Great, but We are Making Solid Progress

  2. The 1998 National Drug Control Strategy

    1. Highlights of the Strategy

    2. Goals and Objectives of the 1998 Strategy

    3. Specific Initiatives of the Strategy

      1. Youth-Oriented Prevention Initiatives
      2. Initiatives to Reduce Drug-Related Crime and Violence
      3. Initiatives to Reduce Health and Social Problems
      4. Initiatives to Shield Our Frontiers
      5. Initiatives to Break Sources of Supply

  3. Other Initiatives

  4. A Common Effort Toward Real Progress