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FLETC Budget and Personnel

The FLETC relies on a multi-discipline faculty that includes criminal investigators, lawyers, auditors, researchers, education specialists, police, physical security professionals, and others. When the FLETC relocated to Glenn County ("Glynco"), Georgia, from Washington, D.C., in 1975, a staff of 39 employees moved from Washington. Today FLETC has an authorized staff of 466 direct and 21 reimbursable permanent employees. Additionally, there are 96 personnel detailed to the FLETC from its participating agencies. The on-site participating agencies also have a total staff complement exceeding 592 employees and Center contract employees exceed 700. Although FLETC has seen tremendous growth, permanent staffing at the FLETC has not kept pace with the growth in workload. Although the FLETC has consistently requested increases in staff to address the increasing workload, efforts have only been partially successful.

The FLETC budget consists of two accounts, the Salaries and Expenses (S&E) account, which includes an annual appropriation and reimbursables received from the agencies; and the Acquisition, Construction, Improvements and Related Expense (ACI&RE) account, which consists of "no year" funding for construction and maintenance. The S&E account is used for the normal operating costs of the Center. Items such as salaries and benefits, communications, and the direct cost of basic training are budgeted and paid from the S&E account. The reimbursable part of the S&E account consists primarily of four components: (1) the reimbursement for meals and lodging for all students; (2) the reimbursement for tuition for advanced, foreign, and state and local students; (3) any basic training costs that exceed the FLETC appropriation; and, (4) the operational costs of the on-site participating agency offices. The ACI&RE account is used to fund maintenance and improvements to Center facilities and to construct new facilities.

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