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FLETC Facilities

The FLETC headquarters in Glynn County ("Glynco"), Georgia, is the largest of the FLETC training centers and the largest law enforcement training facility in the United States. It occupies more than 1,500 acres with modern specialized training facilities for driver, marine, physical techniques, computer, and firearms training; student dormitories and classrooms; and office and warehouse space. The majority of the FLETC basic and advanced programs are conducted at Glynco. The Artesia training center's main campus is located in southeastern New Mexico near Roswell. It offers similar facilities to those at Glynco but on a much smaller scale and is used primarily for meeting the basic training needs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the advanced training needs of the other participating agencies in the western part of the United States.

A Master Plan was developed in 1989 to guide the expansion of Center facilities to meet training needs of participating agencies. The FLETC Master Plan addresses the current support and specialized facility needs of the FLETC and the participating agencies. Although the Master Plan is not fully funded and projects exceed the original estimates, progress in implementing the major Master Plan projects has been dramatic and can easily be seen at Glynco and Artesia. Facility needs still existing at both FLETC training centers include specialized facilities for practical exercises and firearms training; student housing, classrooms and related equipment; and, warehouse, storage, and office space.

The Congress has been very supportive of Master Plan funding in the past, however, with the current Administration and Congress focusing on restraining spending, it is unlikely that the Center will continue to receive the same level of financial support. In this event, progress in implementing the Master Plan can be expected to slow. Additionally, recently discovered infrastructure problems at Glynco resulted in some Master Plan funding being diverted to correct those problems, further reducing resources needed for full implementation of the Master Plan.

The FLETC has developed additional measures to enhance security of its facilities with a primary emphasis on access control. These include a new identification badging system for staff and students. It also provides the FLETC the ability to use bar codes and magnetic striping for access control, property accountability, and other future applications.

Additional security enhancements include a baggage security check system for all students arriving from airports and off-Center motels, clearance of the perimeter fence area at Glynco to provide increased visual surveillance, and enhanced security communications equipment. Because Glynco's main entrance does not accommodate effective access control, it is being completely redesigned and will be re-built in FY98. A new security building and front gate is also being designed to enhance access security at the Artesia Center.

To temporarily accommodate training which could not be conducted at Glynco or Artesia, the Charleston Satellite Facility (CHS) was opened for training U.S. Border Patrol students in August 1996. Six programs began training in FY96 and graduated in FY97. In addition, thirteen FY97 classes graduated from CHS and another twelve programs were in-session at the end of the fiscal year.

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