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Undersea Surveillance

The role of COMUNDERSEASURV is to detect, classify, locate and track all surface, sub-surface and maritime air activity. This is accomplished via passive acoustic sensors at various locations on the ocean floor. Reporting to CINCLANTFLT and OPNAV N87, COMUNDERSEASURV provides command and direct tactical control of Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) ships, Naval Facilities (NAVFACs) and associated Naval Ocean Processing Facilities assigned to Commander Undersea Surveillance, U.S. Atlantic Fleet and U.S. Pacific Fleet; supports antisubmarine warfare command and tactical forces by detecting, classifying, tracking and providing timely reporting of information on submarines; gathers long term oceanographic and undersea geological information; and maintains all ships, shore activities and staff of the command in an optimum state of training and readiness.

The Naval Ocean Processing Facility was established at Dam Neck in 1979 to detect, classify, track and report Maritime activities. NOPF is one of the only two facilities worldwide that processes, analyzes and reports fixed sensor and mobile sensor, or SURTASS, data.

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