Linguist Management Regulation Published

AR 611-6, Army Linguist Management, dated 16 February 1996, is now in the field for implementation. All commanders and language program managers need to be aware that the regulation raises the minimum proficiency requirements for qualified linguists to level 2 for listening and level 2 for speaking or reading.
A remediation period has been established for soldiers who are below the 2/2 requirement. First term soldiers may extend to complete remedial training. After remedial training, soldiers below the minimums must get a waiver from the Chief, Military Police, Military Intelligence (MI) or Language Branch to reenlist in their current military occupational specialties (MOSs). Mid-term and career soldiers have the following time frames to attain the required proficiency levels:
Failure to attain 2/2 after this period subjects the soldier to involuntary reclassification.

Security Clearance Requirements for 98G

Soldiers reenlisting or reclassifying into MOS 98G (Voice Interceptor) are eligible to attend initial language training and advanced individual training with interim Top Secret security clearances. Soldiers must have been granted a final Top Secret security clearance prior to the award of the MOS. (The OCMI POC for language and this paragraph is Ms. Charlotte Borghardt. Readers can reach her at (520) 533-1188, DSN 821-1188. or via E-mail at borghard @ pentagon-hqdadss.

Officer Issues

The FY 96 Major Promotion Board results were released 17 June 1996. Military Intelligence (MI) Branch had a primary zone selection rate of 72.2 percent (the Army average was 73.3 percent). Congratulations to all MI officers selected. (The point of contact (POC) is Captain Dannewitz. Readers can reach him at (520) 533-1180, DSN 821-1180, or E-mail [email protected]

Warrant Officer Prerequisite Update

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command staffed the update to Department of the Army Circular 601-94-1, Warrant Officer Procurement Program, in March 1996. The Office of the Chief of MI provided updates to the prerequisites for all MI warrant occupational specialties. (The (POC) is Chief Warrant Five Williams, (520) 533-1183, DSN 821-1183, or E-mail at williamr mil.)