cncp9601 Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin


Electronic Battle Space Domination: The IEWCS Systems

by Major William F. Morgan, Jr.
The Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor (IEWCS) systems will provide the division commander with an organic capability to detect, intercept, identify, precision locate, target, surgically jam, and exploit for situation and target development both threat voice and digital communications and noncommunications in the high frequency through the super high frequency radio spectrum. These systems will provide the division commander with a new robust capability to "own the electronic spectrum" and dominate his battle space.

Open Architectures

The IEWCS systems use open system architectures to accommodate rapid technology insertion to keep pace with changes in threat characteristics worldwide. The IEWCS is a grouping of subsystems designed to revolutionize the way the Army does targeting, electronic attack (EA), and electronic warfare support (ES) at the division level. The four integrated subsystems are-
The following subsystems are integral components of the three Army IEWCS systems:
When fielded, these IEWCS systems will replace the following divisional intercept, location, and jamming systems in the force structure: